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Build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control to create a strong city-building atmosphere

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Build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control to create a strong city-building atmosphere

Recently, the reporter learned from the Qingjiang Road Community, Qingjiang Street, Yucheng District, that in the prevention and control of the epidemic and the creation of a national civilized city, the community took multiple measures to start a two-pronged work model of “civilized city creation + epidemic prevention and control” to improve environmental sanitation, National epidemic prevention and other work as the foothold, mobilize party members and residents in the jurisdiction to actively participate in the city creation and epidemic prevention work, use practical actions to build a strong epidemic defense line, create a strong city creation atmosphere, and achieve both epidemic prevention and control and the creation of a national civilized city. , Double push.

Prevention and control do not relax

In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Qingjiang Road Community has closely integrated epidemic prevention and control with the creation of a national civilized city. According to the principle of rapid response, precision and efficiency”, the five-level organizational system of the street party working committee including community grid cadres, community party committee party members and cadres, community party branch secretary, building party member central households, and floor households’ enthusiastic volunteers” is coordinated. Taking the community as a unit, the focus is on building yard duty, “returning rain” personnel monitoring, inspection and supervision, nucleic acid testing of all staff, emergency static management, transfer, supply guarantee and many other tasks.

At the same time, the community also conducts a pull-net-type investigation of supermarkets, restaurants and other operating units within its jurisdiction, requiring the operating units to implement the responsibilities of the four parties, strictly implement measures such as regular cleaning and sterilization, standardized wearing of masks, scanning code at the door to measure temperature, and dispatching people at any time. Supervise the implementation; promote the normalized management measures for epidemic prevention and control, such as scanning site codes, taking temperature, checking double codes, and wearing masks, in key places and key institutions such as schools, communities, bars, and stores in the jurisdiction, and mobilizing the whole people for nucleic acid testing, accurate and accurate Help epidemic prevention and control.

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Chuangcheng is not relaxed

Epidemic prevention is not relaxed, and Chuangcheng is also relaxed. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the Qingjiang Road community is actively doing a good job in the establishment of a national civilized city such as environmental sanitation, traffic order, and non-motor vehicle parking indiscriminately. “Package” to carry out publicity and guidance, rectify road occupation, fence damaged roads, “psoriasis” cleaning, weed removal and other special actions. Since August, the community has carried out 23 environmental sanitation cleanings, organized volunteers to regulate the precession of shared bicycles that are parked indiscriminately, further purify the environmental sanitation in the jurisdiction, and contribute to the creation of a national civilized city.

Participate in epidemic prevention and control, and civilized behavior is the foundation. Zhu Dongjuan, secretary of the Qingjiang Road Community Party Committee, said that the community has always adhered to the leadership of party building, focusing on building a national civilized city on the one hand, and normalizing epidemic prevention and control on the other, and striving to find the “combination point” between the work of creating a national civilized city and epidemic prevention and control. Make sure that someone is caught and someone else is in charge, and we will work together to create a clean, tidy and orderly sanitary environment, and work together to build a “safety wall” for epidemic prevention and control, and promote the dual improvement of civilization and health. (Qiu Qiaoling, Ya’an Daily reporter Peng Weiwei)

Source: Ya’an Daily

(Editors: Peng Qian, Zhang Huawei)

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