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Building a protective wall to curb college entrance examination fraud – Xinhua English.news.cn

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On June 9, Zhejiang Tongxiang police issued an emergency warning. The article stated that recently, some people reported that they had received a text message from the[Provincial Department of Education Admissions Office of Ordinary Colleges and Universities]. The text message stated that in the replay video of the unified admissions examination for ordinary colleges and universities, the monitoring showed that he had behaved[suspected of cheating]and asked him to call the admissions office of the Provincial Department of Education. In this regard, Tongxiang police reminded: This is a typical SMS fraud! (The Paper, June 14th)

It has to be said that the short messages sent by the scammers are well aware of the personal information of the masses, not only naming names, but also stating the specific time and circumstances of their “cheating”. authority”, which can be taken for granted if you are not careful. Not only in Tongxiang, Xiamen and other places also have similar text messages received by college entrance examination candidates, and just a few days ago, another college entrance examination fraud case disclosed by the Ruian City People’s Court in Zhejiang Province also attracted attention. Defendant Zhou Mou defrauded the parents of the student of more than 1.3 million yuan by forging WeChat chat records, the Ministry of Education’s admissions approval form and other documents to create the illusion that the student was admitted to Zhejiang University. It can be seen that the college entrance examination has just ended, the recruitment has not yet started, and the scammers have been dispatched in full force, making it difficult to prevent.

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To this end, on June 7, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a special reminder to remind candidates and their parents to pay attention to many scams such as “early check scores”, “refill quotas”, “subsidies”, and instruct college entrance examination candidates to keep their personal information. The admission ticket, personal ID card, candidate number and password, admission notice and other privacy must not be sent to the circle of friends indiscriminately. The police’s reminder is very important.

In August 2016, Xu Yuyu, a rural girl in Shandong Province, was defrauded of 9,900 yuan in tuition fees by mistakenly believing the swindler’s swindling text messages. Xu Yuyu’s case has attracted widespread attention. Telecommunications fraud has caused people to lose a lot of property, which is painful, and even the life of a young girl in bloom, which is really hated.

The annual college entrance examination is a social event that has attracted much attention and is about fairness. People are eager to know the relevant information about the candidates’ scores and whether they can go to a better university. If you are suspected of cheating by an “authoritative department”, it is easy to receive information that is messed up. Fraudsters use people’s anxiety and personal information to commit fraud.

Although the deception is constantly escalating, the fake is always fake. As the police reminded: cheating and violations in the college entrance examination will not be notified through informal channels such as text messages, phone calls, and links. If there is any cheating or illegal behavior in the college entrance examination, it will be issued in the form of documents after multiple verifications after the college entrance examination. If you receive a phone call or text message from the admissions office saying that the candidate has cheated, please contact the school you are studying at the first time to confirm the authenticity of the information!

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Over the years, from selling “college entrance examination answers” to selling “internal indicators”, from “applying for grants” to “donating to schools to reward bonus points”, there have been endless cases of fraud and false information surrounding the college entrance examination. These fraudulent acts violate the law, confuse the public, seriously endanger the safety of national education examinations, and undermine social fairness and justice. Relevant departments issue early warnings of college entrance examination fraud in a timely manner and punish them severely in accordance with the law.

The college entrance examination is a major academic test for candidates, and it is also a major test of laws and regulations and a major test of integrity for the whole society. Relevant departments must perform their duties with due diligence, severely crack down on all illegal and criminal activities related to the college entrance examination, and form a social atmosphere of zero tolerance for illegal activities such as fraud and cheating in the college entrance examination.

Candidates and parents should also continuously improve their legal level and awareness of prevention. Do pay attention to understand and confirm the admissions policies and information from formal channels, beware of fake accounts or website scams, and also pay attention to protecting personal information to avoid being abused by people with ulterior motives. Obtained from the circle of friends or other social platforms, and then implemented precise fraud. Don’t take chances and believe in the so-called “low score, high record” and “internal indicators”, and don’t forget your own interests, try your own way, and violate the laws and regulations of the college entrance examination, so as to avoid self-destruction of your future and regret. The whole society works together to build a protective wall to curb college entrance examination fraud, and use practical actions to maintain college entrance examination fairness and social justice.

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