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Bukele contradicts the head of CABEI and affirms that “she has not cut” credits to El Salvador

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Nayib Bukele assured on Wednesday on the social network month of March that would stop loans to Nicaragua and El Salvador, two countries governed by presidents accused of committing human rights violations and authoritarianism.

Bukele referred to the issue with recent information from CABEI announcing that the multilateral financial institution, based in Honduras, approved an increase of up to 150 million dollars to the line of credit to the government’s Road Conservation Fund (Fovial). .

This, according to a CABEI press release, to support the state agency in its work to preserve and improve the country’s road infrastructure.

The financing, indicated the institution, will be used to meet the working capital needs of the autonomous company, with which the line of credit reaches the sum of up to 250 million dollars.

Bukele pointed out that “a few weeks ago, several media outlets and some of the usual ‘experts’ said that CABEI would cut off financing to El Salvador. But not only did they not cut it, they increased it.”

Local and international journalistic sources, dated March 8, 2024, explained that Gisela Sánchez, president of CABEI, said “brakes are coming” for funds to Nicaragua and El Salvador to “give more balance to the portfolio” and “correct directions.” from the previous administration.

Sánchez told the Regional Editorial Staff of the Spanish newspaper El País that he “rules out” his management following a course like that of Dante Mossi and even recalled that Nicaragua and El Salvador “have already exceeded the limits of the credits they can receive.”

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The Government of El Salvador did not issue, at the time, a reaction on the matter until what Bukele indicated on Wednesday.

On November 30 of last year, the Legislative Assembly approved a six-month permit for Bukele to dedicate himself to his political campaign for the presidential elections of February 4, in which he was re-elected for a second consecutive term despite the fact that the The Constitution prohibits it and therefore he will be an unconstitutional president. However, Bukele has continued to make official publications as if he were acting president, leaving a legal vacuum over who directs the Salvadoran Executive, him or his secretary, Claudia Rodríguez de Guevara, designated to take the reins of El Salvador before he illegally resumes power. Bukele power.

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