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Bukele used his last day in the current presidency to spread propaganda

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Bukele used his last day in the current presidency to spread propaganda

Nayib Bukele, announced on his last day occupying an “undisputed” constitutional presidency, the construction of a national stadium with an investment from China, which was not specified, and which, according to the president, will be the “most modern in Latin America.” The announcement was broadcast while the Legislative Assembly was debating granting him his license request to run for presidential re-election, which he did without further discussion.

The president indicated that “El Salvador has made large investments in education, health, culture, public spaces and the recovery of the Historic Center,” which is denied in some areas by the country’s political opposition.

Bukele took advantage of his message to talk about “achievements in security” in the context of the implementation of an emergency regime that suspends constitutional guarantees and is classified as violating human rights.

“El Salvador is advancing in all areas, not to mention security, we have literally become the safest country in Latin America,” he repeated for the “umpteenth” time.

The infrastructure will be built over a period of three years on land belonging to the Military School, on the outskirts of San Salvador.

“El Salvador is going to have the most modern stadium in all of Latin America,” reiterated Zhang Yanhu, Chinese ambassador to El Salvador.

He noted that “the construction of this stadium demonstrates once again that with will anything is possible. Just as under the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, El Salvador has achieved great achievements in public security, making it the safest country in all of Latin America.

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He added, without specifying the cost of the work, that the stadium will have “50,000 seats and the design includes many elements of Salvadoran culture and is environmentally friendly.”

The announcement was made during a message broadcast on Thursday night by the state propaganda channel at a time when the Legislative Assembly was discussing a six-month license for Bukele to dedicate himself to the political campaign ahead of the elections. general elections of 2024, in which he will seek immediate re-election despite being unconstitutional.

The day before, he inaugurated a medical care center on Tasajera Island.

The candidate for deputy for ARENA, David Elias, denounced the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), for taking advantage of his public office to carry out an electoral campaign, contrary to electoral laws.

The tricolor candidate denounced that the president and presidential candidate for the Nuevas Ideas party acts taking advantage of his position to develop his electoral campaign with state resources.

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