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Bullying is a method of governance in Algeria, and lying is an editorial line for its media

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Bullying is a method of governance in Algeria, and lying is an editorial line for its media

Muhammad Enfi

Algeria has confirmed to the world, through the reckless, barbaric behavior of its security, customs, military and even sports agencies, with the Volcano sports team that was detained in bad conditions for more than ten hours at El Houari Boumediene Airport – run by Mokhtar El Mediouni (nicknamed “Maqlish El Oudhaine”), a former military man who was… Rewarding him with this position was a reward for his hostility to Morocco and his call for the Polisario to commit terrorist acts in Moroccan cities such as Marrakesh, Tangier, and others – Algeria confirmed, then, with such behavior that bullying had become a method of governance and a methodology of behavior in dealing with others. The best evidence of this matter is the tense relations with all neighboring countries. This is because of its interference in the internal affairs of its neighbors and its treatment of arrogance and arrogance in its bilateral relations. This is what made it live in almost complete isolation, not only at the level of North Africa; But also at the Arab, continental and international levels. The best evidence of what we are saying is the diplomatic defeats that you suffer one after the other and in all forums. Even the BRICS group rejected Algeria’s request to join it because it is a country that has no weight, no gift, and no international positions.
The behavior of the Algerian regime, with all its political, diplomatic, military, security, civil, media and sports institutions, confirms that the matter is related to abnormal people who want to prove themselves by force. In doing so, they provide evidence of their weakness and psychological fragility. For President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to say that Algeria is a striking force; That Chief of Staff Saeed Chengriha said that Algeria is the strongest country in the region is evidence of the humiliation, weakness, and fear of confrontation felt by the military regime controlling the Algerians. This is what they are trying to hide with empty slogans, empty slogans, and media bubbles that, in the end, only lead to results that are opposite to what is intended.
These are all signs of futility, stupidity, madness, foolishness, and all kinds of mental and psychological defects that lead, in the end, to insanity. In reality, Algeria is ruled by a group of lunatics and idiots. There is no wonder, then, in the miserable situation in which the Algerian people are, who spend most of their days queuing to obtain a milk bottle (waiting for what the milk trees that will be planted or planted by the imbecile Abdel Mujaddid Kadboun will produce), or a container of oil, or a kilo of lentils, or cowpeas, or potatoes, or Other very simple basic materials.
However, the Algerian media does not care about these tragic conditions that the Algerian people are experiencing, despite the country’s abundant natural resources, most notably oil and gas. This media has been militarized and its mission is to insult Morocco. Thus, it has become worthy of being described as a sewage system because it emits nothing but stench and filth. Especially since his editorial line is outright lying and his style is limited to barking, distributing insults, and accumulating scandals. There is no difference in this between the official media and the unofficial media.
We will limit our discussion to the sports media, which the Berkane Renaissance turned into the largest media dustbin in sports history. The Nahdet Berkane shirt shook the foundations of an entire country. However, they accuse us of bringing politics into sports. The Nahdet Berkane shirt, officially registered with CAF, was worn by the team in African countries hostile to our territorial integrity, and it was not the subject of protest on their part. But Algeria, which was sick with Morocco, saw it as an attack and a diminution of its sovereignty. What is the relationship of the Moroccan map to Algeria’s sovereignty, if we accept the existence of this sovereignty? According to the Evian Agreement and the self-determination referendum that led to autonomy, sovereignty still belongs to France. This is confirmed by the United Nations regulations regarding countries that were colonies and gained independence. Algeria is not among them. This is conclusive evidence that sovereignty still remains with the colonizer and the military regime is merely a guardian of France’s interests in its African region.
If Algeria had sovereignty, a sports shirt would not have threatened it or destabilized the entire country. This is another complex that is added to the many complexes (the Moroccan complex, the history complex, the identity complex, the heritage complex, the ghetto complex, the inferiority complex, etc.) that the Algerian regime suffers from. One of the advantages of the Berkane Renaissance incident is that it exposed the ignorance and stupidity of politicians, athletes, and media professionals in this energy country, which has become, socially and economically, on the brink of famine, and politically and diplomatically, on the brink of collapse. Ignorance of sports laws, customs, and ethics has become a prominent feature in Algeria, whether among sports officials or media professionals. As for the fans, we experienced it on several occasions through anti-Moroccan and anti-Moroccan slogans or through physical attacks on players, even young ones.
The Berkane renaissance incident confirmed that Algeria is nothing but a place full of mentally and psychologically ill people, but they are unaware that they are sick. Which made their mental and psychological disabilities worsen, to the point that those we thought were normal, revealed that they were not. Some of them had the ability to hide their disability; But the RS Berkane incident showed them for what they were and we discovered that we were deceived by them (and the talk here is always on the sports media); We believed that they were logical, objective, and realistic in their analyses. But Barkan’s renaissance made them repeat the same nonsense and nonsense that this media was accustomed to, there is no difference in that between the elders and the youth: Ali bin Al-Sheikh, the best example, who was seen as a Haqqani thanks to his long experience; He is repeating the same filth that the military regime is promoting.
In summary, the Algerian regime fell into its evil deeds when it started a fight with a sports team, called Nahdet Berkane. This team won the battle, athletically and politically, and made Algeria a laughing stock in the world. The Nahdet Berkane team defeated the military state with its various apparatuses, thereby setting a historical precedent in the sporting and political fields, and showing the world the fragility of the oppressive military regime. Failure follows him in everything. He could not stand even in front of a sports team whose weapon was his shirt bearing the map of his country, and his faith in his cause increased. Algerian sports added another “major achievement,” as the Algerian team withdrew from the Arab Youth Handball Championship (2024), currently being held in Morocco. This is for the same reason; That is, the Moroccan map that has become a source of concern for all Algerian institutions, starting from the Presidency of the Republic and the Chief of Staff, passing through the official institutions and all state agencies and political and sports institutions, all the way to the smallest sports team that was fortunate enough to face its Moroccan counterpart.
Meknes on April 24, 2024

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