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Bunia: 18 people killed over the weekend during ADF attacks

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Bunia: 18 people killed over the weekend during ADF attacks

The locality of the territory of Irumu in Ituri. January 2022.
Radio Okapi/Ph. Marc Maro Fimbo.”/>

Eighteen people have been killed in less than a week by ADF rebels in several villages in the territory of Irumu, in the province of Ituri.

A group of ADF rebels attacked on Saturday June 3 the villages of Mutuyeyi, Bekembele and Bulesi about ten kilometers from Komanda.

Eight people were killed and others kidnapped by these rebels, says the human rights organization, Convention for the Respect of Human Rights (CRDH).

Sunday, June 4, the same assailants invaded the locality of Muteyi in the same territorial entity.

Eight bodies of the farmers were discovered after their withdrawal from this environment, adds the same source.

Two other civilians were killed by the ADF on the same Sunday in the village of Makanga, in Mambasa territory.

These armed men also looted several properties of the population.

To stop the abuses of this armed group, MONUSCO Forces have set up since Monday, May 5 a temporary base in Loya, 16 kilometers from Komanda.

According to the UN Mission, this deployment is part of MONUSCO’s response plan to mitigate the threat from the ADF rebels. Another joint FARDC and MONUSCO Rapid Intervention Brigade team deployed to Samboko to ensure the protection of civilians.

Meanwhile, FARDC and MONUSCO forces have intensified mixed patrols in the area to ensure the safety of people and their property.

These provisions have made it possible to reduce violence in this environment where a lull is observed, say local sources.

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