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Bus driver convicted of assaulting children was still able to go on a ski trip with minors (Domestic)

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RM was sentenced in the court in Leuven to a suspended prison sentence of two years. — © scl

Lebbeke –

A 36-year-old bus driver from Haacht who was convicted of child abuse has been transporting minor schoolchildren on a ski trip in recent days. His employer Autocars ‘t Ros Beiaard from Lebbeke was not aware of the conviction. “We expect something like this to be reported,” says Filip De Hauwere. “We cannot continue working with him.”

RM from Haacht stood before the court in Leuven in mid-November last year. He was suspected of producing and possessing child pornography and indecent assault on two underage boys.

The children called him uncle, R. was so close to the family of his victims. They regularly stayed the night with him, and it was then that he struck. The ball started rolling when his girlfriend found incriminating photos on his computer. For example, the public prosecutor outlined the facts that allegedly started in 2017 when the boys were 4 and 5 years old. The prosecutor took the events seriously and asked for a six-year prison sentence.

The judge, in his thirties, was sentenced to two years in prison by the judge on February 7, fully suspended because he still had a clean criminal record. M. continued to deny the facts, his lawyer called it innocent games and asked for an acquittal. One of the conditions imposed was keeping his job. And that seems to be a difficult matter since the man is a bus driver and is regularly on the road with children.

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Like this holiday. He is in Austria for his employer Autocars ‘t Ros Beiaard with minor schoolchildren who are on a skiing holiday. At the school they do not wish to respond. The bus company where M. has been employed for about a year does.

On the way back by train

“They were traveling with two drivers,” says Filip De Hauwere of Autocars ‘t Ros Beiaard. “And he is already on his way back by train. We informed our lawyer, because that man has been with us for almost a year and has not informed us of his conviction. We naturally find this very unfortunate and are looking at what steps we can take. The story ends for us and we will therefore say goodbye to him, but this is of course not possible.”

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