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Business horoscope – for whom the last week of April will be successful

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Business horoscope – for whom the last week of April will be successful

The famous Ukrainian psychic Max Gordeev, who predicted floods in Ukraine and warned about fires in the summer, made a horoscope for all the signs of the Zodiac for the last week of April.


A favorable placement of the planets determines the character of the week, giving you excellent organizational skills, patience and experience. The weekend should be devoted to household chores, and perhaps to the first chores in the garden – if the weather permits.


The week promises to be positive, although perhaps not the most energetic in the last month. It is well suited for solving financial issues and, of course, for shopping and taking care of one’s appearance. Friday and Saturday are especially favorable in this sense.


You can be distinguished by impulsiveness, impulsiveness and a desire to cut from the shoulder. Try to act thoughtfully, giving yourself at least a little time to think before taking active actions. In this case, the week can turn out to be very successful. Its second half is favorable for studies and trips, especially business ones. Pleasant surprises are possible at the weekend.


The week promises a sea of ​​energy, great ambitions and a desire to solve big tasks. You have every opportunity to succeed. The period from Wednesday to Friday should be the most productive and successful. However, Friday is more suitable for shopping and entertainment.

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Your path to success can be interrupted by your own haste. Therefore, act systematically and listen to reasonable advice.


The period of calm and decline, which was characterized by your sign last week (and perhaps not the only one), has come to an end. You are full of strength and desire to act. However, for now, the strength to cope with the challenges is not enough and you should enlist reliable partners and allies. The best days of the week for you are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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In the first half of the week, it is important to keep calm. During this period, you may encounter obstacles and perhaps not the most friendly actions from those around you. Find a way to respond in a dignified way without letting your fists go. From Thursday, a more positive time begins, which is especially suitable for self-care, partnerships and shopping.


You feel on the edge of luck. But focus on current affairs and already started projects. The most difficult day is Thursday, and on the weekend it is good to relax in nature.


From the point of view of business plans, the most successful and productive days of the week are Wednesday and Friday. On other days, energy will definitely not be less, but managing it wisely will not be an easy task. It is important not to overestimate your strengths and not to take on unattainable tasks.


You have the right to count on success both in the business sphere and in romantic relationships. However, do not hide your feelings too much, as is characteristic of you. The best days are Thursday and Friday.


You may be overcome by a thirst for revolutionary changes: both at work and in personal relationships. But now is clearly not the best time for revolutions.


You can surprise yourself with spontaneous actions, and those that are not characteristic of you at all. The conflicting aspect of Mars with the ruler of your sign, Neptune, is capable of provoking unconscious impulses that you yourself are not always aware of.

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We will remind you that Wednesday, April 26, is under the sign of the Inquisitive Tiger, which is characterized by a desire not only to recognize something new, but also to implement it.


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