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But is it too much to ask Rai for better programming?

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Dear Director,

Is it too much to ask RAI for a better prime time fiction program? Either there are those with violent, aggressive scenes, with crimes, betrayals, desperate faces, invented situations of extreme anguish … such as the fiction “Until the last beat”, or there are those of a superficiality out of reality such as “All a ‘ other life “.

Isn’t there already enough violence and aggression in our Italy? Or superficiality?

We pay the RAI fee and we have the right to ask for fiction that is up to par because even the cinema contributes to the growth and transmission of what matters in life and which can also help the younger generations.

In an indirect way we also pay for the advertising, pounding, which interrupts the fiction every thirty minutes. Is it possible to ask RAI, a public service (!), To listen to us? We are not just spectators.

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