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Buying in wineries, a trend in the center of Medellín

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Buying in wineries, a trend in the center of Medellín

“What is not found in the center of Medellín, is not found anywhere”, this is a phrase that is frequently heard in the capital of Antioquia. And for many it is difficult to imagine that something could be missing among the thousands of warehouses and display cases that completely cover the first floor of the sector.

However, there is another type of business that is less visible but that also contributes to the center’s wide offering; These are commercial warehouses, spaces located on the upper floors of many of the buildings in Guayaquil, designed mainly for the storage of merchandise but which have currently evolved and have opened their doors to customers to buy products wholesale and retail. retail at a more favorable price than in a first floor store.

These establishments offer a different alternative to traditional warehouse commerce. As the city expands and evolves, the wineries in downtown Medellín have become a focal point for many local consumers and business owners.

Why are they popular?

Thousands of shoppers enter the Gran Plaza shopping center, located next to the Parque de las Luces, daily, eager to explore the wide variety of stores it has.

However, few have ventured to visit other floors of the shopping center. Beyond the lights and sumptuous display cases, on the highest floors of Gran Plaza, where most believe there is only parking, it is possible to find more stores full of products at low prices. And these, although hidden in plain sight, are increasingly popular.

Almacenes Sion is one of them. Located on the 14th floor of the shopping center, this warehouse, which has nothing more than a small reception space for its customers, sells clothing that starts at $10,000.

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Shoppers don’t have the same amenities they would in a warehouse; They cannot approach the clothes, examine them, measure them and choose what they like, they must ask the employees to bring them the pieces that from a distance seem to be to their liking. Despite this unusual dynamic, the warehouse is full of customers who leave with large bags of merchandise.

“I always come with my cousin, we both buy here because we resell, I in the neighborhood where I live and she in Urrao, which is where we are from. This is our venture and it is going well for us, it works because the prices you get here directly at the winery are very good and you can always get a lot out of the product. I found out about the place because more than a year ago I came with a friend who shopped here, if someone doesn’t tell you it’s difficult to find the place, but that’s good because not everyone knows it and then they buy from me,” she says. Sandra Patricia Bedoya about his experience with Zion.

And in the beginning, word of mouth was essential for the recognition and good performance of these spaces, but recently, the wineries found a more effective way to make themselves known.

and attract new buyers: the social network TikTok. Now it is common to see dozens of videos circulating on this platform that begin with lines like: “I bring you the new warehouse that I discovered in the center” or “The cheapest toy warehouse in the center.” This strategy has all the characteristics to hook the public, mysterious location, variety of products and excellent prices, a combination that has made these videos go viral and winery sales are skyrocketing.

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Far from extinct

Don Carlos It has a warehouse of hardware and variety items located inside the El Río shopping center, also in the Guayaquil sector.

“Many people come here to stock their neighborhood stores. A few years ago I sometimes took those who wanted to buy in bulk to the warehouse, but today I keep someone there permanently serving because it became known for the prices, it is cheaper,” he comments.

But why is it cheaper? It has to do with the costs of renting and operating the space. While in your commercial warehouse you must pay a higher rent, you have less space and more workers to pay; In the winery the payment is lower in every sense.

Likewise, there are also those wineries that manufacture their product right there, a lot happens with clothing. Thanks to this, expenses such as the transfer of raw materials and workers from the factory to the commercial premises are eliminated, allowing a fairer price for everyone.

This way, the next time you are looking to save on makeup, clothing, shoes, tools or other varieties, do not hesitate to ask for the warehouse that sells those types of products, you will surely find at least a couple of them in the center.

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