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Cabbage, apple and orange salad from Anna Konda

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Cabbage, apple and orange salad from Anna Konda

Dinner should be light, but tasty. And also – useful, rich in vitamins. That is why dishes should be thought out in advance in order to have the necessary products for their preparation. After all, it probably happened to you that there is a culinary idea, but there is a lack of ingredients for its implementation. So, planning is an important thing in the home kitchen.


She shared the recipe for vitamin salad with “FACTS”. Ukrainian singer and culinary blogger Anna Konda.

— The richness of this salad is given by nuts, — speak Anna Conda. — Its taste is incredible. The recipe will appeal especially to those who want to stay slim.

Vitamin salad with apple

Beijing cabbage – 1 pc. (small size) Apple – 1 pc. Orange – 1 pc. Walnuts — 4-5 pcs. Lemon juice, salt to taste Olive oil.

Cut the Chinese cabbage, peel the apple and orange and cut them into small pieces. Add to cabbage.

Next, grind the nuts, salt, add lemon juice and olive oil. Then mix all the ingredients.

Ready – you can taste!

Anna Konda: “Saturity of salad is given by nuts”

For those who are worried about their figure, we also advise you to prepare a salad of carrots, apples and dried apricots.

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Photo from Anna Konda’s album


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