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Cadore Brigade, off to the 6th meeting: “rancio” for everyone behind the sports hall

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Cadore Brigade, off to the 6th meeting: “rancio” for everyone behind the sports hall

Black pens ready to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their dissolution from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June. It begins with a concert at the Comunale. Here are the changes to the road network for the show

BELLUNO. Tricolors on the streets, stages and warehouses almost ready and a festive air throughout the city. The three-day event that will celebrate the 6th meeting of the “Cadore” Alpine Brigade is about to come to life and the employees of the Alpine section of Belluno, of the Civil Protection and of the Municipality are in full work to complete the flag work of the city streets, the cordoning of the along the route of the parade scheduled for Sunday and the setting up of the stands in Piazza dei Martiri. Everything is also ready inside the Municipal Theater, where, tonight at 8.45 pm, three choral ensembles will perform in the execution of pieces related to the Alpine epic. Now all that remains is to listen to the rumble of the fanfare drums that will open the great city parade.

Party behind the sports hall

The three days, obviously, will also be an occasion for celebration and, in fact, in the area behind the “De Mas” sports hall, a structure dedicated to catering will begin to be operational as of this evening. In this regard, the sectional offices of the Ana in via Tissi 10 remind you that the structure will also be open to the public on Saturdays, during lunch and dinner times, and on Sunday for the final lunch.

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On the menu there will be a rich choice of meat and fish dishes for every palate. The population is invited to participate in both meeting and official events and moments of leisure and tasting of food and wine specialties.

Traffic changes

To allow the meeting to take place, some changes are planned between now and June 19.

The parade route starts from piazzale della Resistenza and then heads towards via del Plebiscito, via Vittorio Veneto, viale Medaglie d’Oro, Ponte degli Alpini, viale Fantuzzi, via Volontari della Libertà, via Dante, piazzale Cesare Battisti, via Loreto , via Matteotti, piazza Dei Martiri, piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, via Roma, piazza Santo Stefano, via Simon da Cusighe, via Gabelli and arrive in piazzale Associazione Bellunese blood volunteers.

A ban on transit and parking is therefore imposed with forced removal of vehicles in the apron of arrival of the event until 6 pm on 21 June and in any case until the structures are dismantled; until 20 June for the sports hall and San Biagio car parks the parking will be free and without time limit and the subscription to these car parks will also be valid for that of Lambioi and for the former Moi of via Feltre until 20 June.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to park for motorbikes and mopeds in Piazza dei Martiri from 8 on 16 to 18 on 20; the same thing for cars in the area in front of and opposite to numbers 27 / a, 27 / b, 27 / c, 27 / d, 27 / e and 27 / f, from 2 pm (after the weekly market) to 6 pm on 6 pm June and in any case until the end of the flag-raising ceremony at the flagpole in Piazza dei Martiri. The same ban will come into force in the streets affected by the parade from 7 to 13 on 19 June.

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During the closing period, there will be several detours for vehicles at each intersection with the parade route.

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