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CAF Marathon responds to criticism: it will modify the medal due to El Helicoide controversy

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Given the growing indignation generated by the inclusion of the image of El Helicoide in the medal of the CAF Marathon, The organization of the event announced that it will change the design of the medal in response to requests to remove any reference to this Caracas building.

The claim for the image of El Helicoide on the marathon medal quickly echoed on social networks and human rights organizations on Monday. The association of this place with violations of fundamental rights and repression generated strong rejection in public opinion, unleashing a wave of criticism towards the organization of the event.

CAF Marathon calls for competition

Through an official statement, those responsible for the CAF Marathon expressed their commitment to the values ​​of integration, coexistence and respect through sports practice that this event has promoted since its origins. In response to requests to remove the reference, the organization reported that it will hold a competition to design the new medal.

«For the next edition of the CAF Marathon, we will launch a public and open competition to renew the design of the medal, which reflects the values ​​of this unique marathon for the thousands of athletes who, together with the citizens, take over Caracas throughout the 42 kilometers of route,” announced the entity.

In the text published on their social networks, the race organizers explained that “the CAF Marathon medal has maintained the same design since 2016. It shows the different urban spaces that national, foreign, amateur and elite athletes travel through. of this emblematic competition for Venezuela and Latin America and the Caribbean.

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They also detailed that since 2011, the race route “is endorsed by the International Association of Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and World Athletics, as well as the Venezuelan Athletics Federation, which makes the Marathon CAF in a competition of the highest international sporting level.

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