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Calenda, in Rome his party is the most voted in the elections

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If the center-left with the Pd traction rejoices, and the Conte Movement cries, the center – the reformist area of ​​Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi (albeit in different parties) – underlines the remarkable result obtained especially in Rome.

The center-left wins in Milan (Sala 57.7%), Naples (Manfredi 62.9%) and Bologna (Lepore 61.9%); goes to the ballot in Rome (Michetti 30.2% and Gualtieri 27%) and Turin (Lo Russo 43.8% and Damilano 38.9%); Enrico Letta wins the seat of senator in Siena, decreeing the end of the season of the leagues and grilline turns also in Tuscany. In Calabria, the moderate Roberto Occhiuto, candidate of Silvio Berlusconi, won, thus bringing his paw to the vote: and Forza Italia claims that the right wins only with the moderate traction of the federator Knight.

In this picture, Carlo Calenda points out that the Action list (also supported by Italia Viva) is first in Rome: «We are third – he writes on twitter – which is a balm for self-love, reaching 20%. First list in Rome overcoming Pd and FdI. I’m very grateful. Very. To those who trusted in a serious and passionate way of doing politics. Now he is recovering from Action ».

The radicals, who had spent a lot for Calenda, rejoice. «I am happy with the extraordinary result achieved by Carlo Calenda in Rome. More Europe has supported him, just as we have participated in Milan and in other cities where the sovereign front has taken a resounding blow: which frankly I do not mind. Now we need to build a pro-European, liberal-democratic area and the result of Calenda in my opinion is a good viaticum as well as the success of the referendums on cannabis and euthanasia, where hundreds of thousands of people, especially young people, have decided to participate in a specific political project ”: the secretary of Più Europa and undersecretary for foreign affairs, Benedetto Della Vedova said on TV, commenting on the administrative results.

“Draghi’s path emerges strengthened from this electoral round: reforms and Europeanism. It is true that they are administrative, but the 4 most important cities in Italy give a political signal ”, concluded Della Vedova. “Calenda? We will certainly hear from each other », Roberto Gualtieri replied to those who asked him about the leader of Action. “As he said, but also Conte, voters do not feel owned by anyone,” he added.

Administrative, Sorgi: “To win in Rome the center-right must make Michetti disappear for 15 days or get sick”

However, Carlo Calenda’s response to Gualtieri’s new appeal in view of the ballot is not enthusiastic. The center-left candidate said this morning: “I haven’t heard from Calenda yet, but I expect he will support the progressive, democratic candidate. The opposite would be strange ». The reply from the Action leader always arrives on twitter, his favorite medium: “I expect …”. A message that neither confirms nor denies, but certainly shows some discomfort on Calenda’s part. An appeal seems to be fundamental for Calenda, which he addresses to Enrico Letta: “I believe that net of Rome, the time has come for the Democratic Party to make a reformist choice and abandon the 5S to their fate”.

Also in Rome, the M5S is shaken by the blow of Virginia Raggi. Luigi Di Maio runs to her rescue: «Thank you Virginia Raggi, for everything you have done. You have proven to be a great asset to the 5 Star Movement and you will remain a valuable figure to our community. Your commitment and your results in the field are a precious baggage to be made available to all the administrators of the Movement. We must treasure these experiences of local government, enhancing skills, starting with yours. Several times we have fallen, but the real strength is shown by getting back up and conquering new goals. You do not lack this strength, together we will get up ». Di Maio wrote to Raggi on facebook, «despite a thousand difficulties, attacks and insults you never gave up. Always with your head held high. If Rome is different, if today the capital of Italy is a city that makes legality an indispensable cornerstone, the credit is yours. Legality and transparency thanks to you have returned to central Rome, and will have to remain so ».

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Meanwhile Giorgia Meloni urges the right to be more united. “We don’t manage to have that ability that they have on the left that when the battle comes, the others take the field and we go a bit in random order,” he tells ‘Porta a porta’ on Rai1. “I don’t think the data is that bad, it looks good to me. To date, the center-left has not gained a single position in the big cities. In my house this is called a draw, not an overwhelming victory for the center-left. I have always said that our challenge is to grow everyone together “in the center-right. “I believe that a traditional right-wing electorate who previously did not vote for Brothers of Italy for fear of not having an impact with the vote has returned home. This is what the data say. FdI is estimated at percentages that the Italian right has never had ».

“The result of Italia Viva is incredibly superior to our expectations” is the analysis of Renzi, which aims to build a large area of ​​reformists and liberals. “We elect mayors who are members of the party throughout Italy, we are decisive in many municipalities, we have an impressive number of councilors and councilors”. Matteo writes it in his Enews: «Where there were the reformist lists, the candidates of Italia Viva are champions of preferences (from Milan to Rome to Naples). Throughout the election campaign, the Cinque Stelle and Conte said: “Don’t worry about Renzi, he only has 1%”. What can I say: with 1% we took more city councilors than them. Italia Viva is alive. The Five Stars no. Hurray for 1%! By dint of underestimating ourselves they are good for us. Now – he concludes – we must build a vast area of ​​reformists and liberals, all together ».

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