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Cali dramaturgical city

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Cali dramaturgical city

Cali is a dramaturgical city because, in addition to literature, cinema and salsa, its theaters, actors and directors have accredited it culturally.

On the occasion of March 27, World Theater Day, I salute the playwrights and their actors, who with their groups, for more than half a century, have made us laugh, cry, feel and, above all, think.

Fortunately, some of the groups that offered us their shows in our youth are still in force, El TEC, La Máscara, Cali Teatro, Esquina Latina, Salamandra, etc.

Cali is a dramaturgical city because it also has university groups and educational institutions, thanks to the acting vocation of its teachers who cultivate theater among students. Today, I want to honor the memory of maestro Enrique Buenaventura, creator of the TEC, and Iván Montoya, one of its outstanding actors.

Likewise, Manuel José Sierra and Aida Novoa.

I extend it to Lucy Bolaños, founder of La Máscara, already retired from acting.

I am glad that they continue their dramaturgy: Jacqueline Vidal, Diana Uribe, Álvaro Arcos, Jorge Vanegas, Orlando Cajamarca, Jorge Zabaraín, Lisimaco Núñez.

I join the feeling of the students who congratulate their teacher actors: Carlos Yance, José Hernández, José David Castaño, Lucy Janeth Rodríguez Bejarano, Diana Lucía González, Natalia Izquierdo, Deyanira Quintana, Andrés Arenas and Javier Daza.

My friend Lucy Janeth Rodríguez Bejarano, trained in Fine Arts and at the Universidad del Valle, currently a teacher at the Eustaquio Palacios educational institution, is convinced of the pedagogical importance of theater in education.

She does not stay in a classroom lecturing, but also dedicates the weekends to rehearsing a theater group that she formed with fellow teachers from other institutions in the city of Cali.

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He wants to artistically enrich this dramaturgical city. She is convinced that the theater will allow her students to learn playfully, working as a team, sharing knowledge and feelings.

She is the teacher who integrates theater with language, who relates the value of literature as an art and a strategy to solve social problems and conflicts. With theater she builds a legitimate Chair for La Paz.

He invites his math colleagues to articulate the theater with the handling of space and geometric figures at the body level.

It invites science teachers to articulate action with scientific knowledge.

In this celebration, World Theater Day, there is no need for me to state publicly that I join the non-conformity expressed by Lucy Janeth Rodríguez, who rejects the fact that there are fewer and fewer theater teachers who are linked to schools, do not comply with the General Education Law of 1994, which determined to open wide spaces for the artistic.

Lucy Janeth, assumes the spokesperson for art teachers demanding that, in addition to those in charge of dances, in educational establishments it is required that they also be appointed theater teachers. Long live World Theater Day.


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