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Call anonymously and order take-away pizzas at fake addresses: caught on the third attempt, the owners’ anger

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Kristian Diamanti inside his pizza restaurant Al Castello

PORCIA. A stupid joke, a senseless stunt, made even more hateful because it is repeated and above all because it is “thought out” in a particular moment to say the least. But the author may be running out of hours. Yes, because on the last occasion he got distracted and didn’t hide his mobile phone number when he called, for the third time in a few days, the Al Castello pizza restaurant to ask for some takeaway pizzas, giving a false address and thus causing the delivery to fail.

Targeted, as far as we have learned, three restaurants in Porcia. First it was the Tom & Jerry pizzeria by the slice in via Villa Scura. On March 5, around 7 pm, the owner receives an order for three maxi pizzas to be delivered to an apartment in via Villa Scura, for a total of € 42.50. Call came from an anonymous number, but the alleged customer provides the contact of a mobile phone. Arrived on site, the delivery clerk calls, the number corresponds to the person who lives in the apartment indicated, who however had not ordered anything. She was an elderly lady who lives alone. Last week three more calls, other addresses provided, always from an anonymous number, but this time the owner doesn’t take the bait.

Last Friday a call to the pizzeria Alla Scimmia: two maxi pizzas and three normal pizzas to be delivered to the same address, to the same old woman, same mobile number provided. And sadly joke went to sign. Also on Friday the same thing happens to the owner of the Castle, who is unable to avoid the insult. And that falls back later, when he hears a different voice on the phone and receives a different address for delivery: this time at the address of the “recipient” there is a house under construction. Monday evening the last case, but here the “joker” puts a foot in the wrong: the number from which he calls is visible.

«I have an appointment at the Carabinieri station in Fontanafredda – says Kristian Diamanti, owner of the pizzeria Al Castello – to report the fact. I sincerely hope that thanks to the unsecured cell phone number the culprit can be caught and paid. I find his jokes really bad taste, in this period in which we work little or nothing, the bitterness is even stronger. I also do restaurant service, luckily I “only” missed a few pizza. But what if he ordered me a mega-barbecue? ».

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