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Call me by your name – Claudio Rossi Marcelli

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Last week you reassured a woman who is sorry her daughter doesn’t call her mom. We have encouraged our children to call us by name, can we rest assured too? –Antonio

If each person is a world of its own, each family is a universe of its own. With its balances, its rules and its names. To answer your just claim, I quote some comments from our readers on Facebook. “I have three children who have always called us by name. I didn’t understand how it happened. They are now thirty years old and we are all fine ”(Alessandra). “My niece calls my brother by name. She is of a Russian mother. One day a Russian child asked her how to say dad in Italian and she replied Franco ”(Rita). “For some years my son has been calling me dad. I had to accept it, but nothing comparable to the risk that he would call me dad ”(Massimo). “I told Son that I didn’t want to be called Ma, to make an effort and add a few more letters. Now she calls me mother superior ”(Cecilia). “My eighty-year-old grandfather asked and required to be called father and grandfather from the very beginning. Amen “(Albino). “It’s a school of thought, I taught my daughter to call me by name because I wanted her to love me or hate me for myself, with strengths and weaknesses” (Erminia). “My daddy I call him Rat and he always turned around. He calls me Strawberry and I turn around ”(Federica). “I called my mother Mara from the tender age of twelve. Now I have 40 played and for a while I have been calling her directly by surname and job title ”(Ruben).

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