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Caluso, in the city council we talk about the Grape Festival

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Caluso, in the city council we talk about the Grape Festival
The nymph Albaluce 2019 Carola Borgia

An ordinance of the mayor has formalized the opening of the Coc for September 17. For safety, the provincial civil protection will also be involved

CALUSO. The council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 20 (at 18.30) will open with the mayor’s communications also regarding the Erbaluce grape festival.

His speech will serve to officially clarify the hypothesis, aired by the Pro loco and apparently set, of a commissioner placed to watch over the evening of Saturday evening, that of the veje piole, the quadrilateral of taste, of the concerts capable of attracting crowds of young people.

So it had been last year, an edition that went into the archive with a fight between two groups of young people and a twenty-eight year old from San Giusto Canavese who remained between life and death for many days, due to the blows received. Among the novelties in terms of safety, the presence of the provincial coordination of civil protection is certain.

As is known, the presence of a figure to coordinate the Municipal Operations Center was requested during a first meeting between the institutional components of the September kermesse (Municipality, Enoteca, Order of the nymphs, Protection Consortium and Great Council of the wine cupboard) , and then re-proposed during the meeting between the Pro loco and the representatives of the districts and fractions: indeed it was at the first point of the agenda.

In reality, the Turin Police Headquarters in a press release had then made it known that they did not know anything.

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Meanwhile, an ordinance of the mayor bearing the date of 8 July communicates the opening of the Coc, for the day of 17 September from 6 pm until the end of the event and establishes that the institutional contact person in charge of the operational coordination of the voluntary organizations that both the commander of the local police of Caluso, Daniele Franceschina or his deputy in case of absence take part in the event, while the mayor acts as a local civil protection authority.

«If necessary – the ordinance also states – appropriate emergency planning will be prepared. This planning cannot be in contrast with the municipal one and will not interfere with the normal procedures provided for by other septal regulationsre in relation to the procedures for authorizing and carrying out public events “. Here the hypothesis of an additional control figure cannot be ruled out.

Certainly the support, with men and means of the coordination of the provincial civil protection, put to guard the access gates and sensitive areas. The safety plan is still to be defined in detail, entrusted as in the past years to the engineer Emanuele Timi, which will be sent to the Prefecture of Turin.

The board will continue on the level of public finance with four changes to the budget and with the use of part of the administration surplus.

The renewal of the agreement for the associated management of the municipal secretary between the Municipalities of Caluso, Orio and Barone and the introduction of some changes to the regulation of the local protection group will then be approved. civil.

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