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Can earthquakes be predicted?

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Can earthquakes be predicted?

After the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria, which already leaves more than five thousand people dead, comments have emerged all over the world about the prediction of natural phenomena like this.

One of them is the Japanese myth that talks about the so-called “Messenger of the Palace of the God of the Sea” as the oarfish is known in the folklore of that country.
This species is a fish that lives in the abyssal depths and can measure between eleven and 17 meters in length.

According to the Japanese myth, when the oarfish is seen on the coast it is because it is announcing that an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane is going to occur.

The legend became famous after this species was sighted on the Japanese beach shortly before the tsunami that hit the island in 2011.

These fish have also been seen off the coast of Mexico or Florida.

Although scientifically it is not possible to verify that they predict any natural phenomenon, there are some experts who suggest that by living near the bottom of the sea they can detect the energies that flow through it and that is why they come to the surface.

On the other hand, the Dutch geologist Frank Hoogerbeets had written days before on his twitter account that “sooner or later there will be a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in this region” after studies he had carried out.

The message went viral after the earthquake reaching 22 million readings.

Other geologists have said that although the geological behavior of the earth can be studied by monitoring the behavior of both the tectonic plates and the earth’s crust, it is not possible to predict phenomena of this type.

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Also seers such as the astrologer of Cuban origin, Mhoni Vidente, has warned that during the month of February there would be catastrophes around the planet, among which she mentioned earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and winter storms during a television appearance.

During his speech, he stated that humanity would witness an earthquake of magnitude between 6.6 and 7 degrees added to a harsh winter season.

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