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Can you still meet love after a vaccine? A reminder from Quanzhou’s Fraud Center…- Warning!- cnBeta.COM

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“Handsome man, I am a nurse who vaccinated you… You look like my first love, try to socialize…” In the face of this sudden confession, are you heartbroken?Recently, many citizens have gone to get vaccinated, but can a vaccine still reap love? Quanzhou Anti-Fraud Center reminds citizens that if they receive such a text message, don’t believe it, it is a fraudulent text message!

The text message received by the netizen read: “Handsome guy, hello, I am the nurse you vaccinated you in the hospital this morning. The phone number you registered when you came to get the vaccine this morning was written down by me. Please forgive me for my presumption. Your eyes and behavior are very much like my first love. I saw my blushing and rapid heartbeat. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to send you a message. I don’t know if it disturbs you. If you want to know me too , Let me add your WeChat, please pass it through, thank you…” Sincerely, the liar casts the net, if it happens to be sent to the citizen who went to get the vaccine on the same day, it may fall into the liar. trap.

The police from the Quanzhou Anti-Fraud Center told reporters that currently, there has not been a similar case in Quanzhou. According to the police, the scammers keep pace with the times, constantly update their scam tactics, and send out confession text messages while rubbing against the hot spots of vaccinations recently. They are actually for the purpose of scams or scams.Once citizens believe in the sugar-coated shells of scammers, after adding friends, scammers may induce everyone to fill in bank card, password, verification code and other information to commit fraud

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According to police analysis, after adding friends to chat, scammers may introduce hooked citizens into a scam. It is the illegal act of using online shopping to credit or recharge the online store, and the online store will refund the purchase price and pay the commission to the buyer. The scammers often use small rebates as bait to deceive victims in the name of “part-time billing”. People’s money. In addition, after adding friends, scammers may step by step to introduce the victim to the “killing pig” scam. Scammers often use sweet words and other methods to gain goodwill and trust, and then recommend the so-called “stable profit without loss, low cost and high return” online investment platform to the victim, and then commit fraud.

The Quanzhou Anti-Fraud Center reminds that when encountering unfamiliar netizens, they must be extra vigilant. Do not trust a netizen who has never met before and the investment platform introduced by them. Keep in mind that “the sky will not fall pie”. For high returns and low returns You must be vigilant about the investment model you invest in, don’t listen or believe it or transfer money. If you find that you have been cheated, please call the police in time.


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