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Canavese mountain Covid free from June, carpet vaccinations in twelve locations

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Ceresole is part of the list of municipalities that Cirio has included in the priority map, between Alto Canavese and Valchiusella

Ceresole Reale

Twelve mountain and hilly locations in the Canavese area will be Covid free by June 15th. It is for the Alto Canavese of Alpette, Ceresole Reale, Ingria, Locana, Noasca, Ribordone, Ronco Canavese, Sparone, Valprato Soana. For the Valchiusella di Brosso, Traversella, Valchiusa.

These are the Canavese municipalities that the Region has included among the 500 mountain and high hill centers of Piedmont where, from today, Friday, the vaccination of the population and workers starts in view of the influx of tourists expected for the summer ( we start today from Alagna Valsesia). Basically, after the smaller islands, the mountains of Piedmont will also be safe places to spend your holidays. The twelve of the Canavese are among the 278 placed on the map with high priority (“Yellow band”) based on the combination of parameters concerning altitude, distance from the nearest hospital and territorial homogeneity.

The Sentinel of Friday 21 May in a minute

Those, in particular, that are above 700 meters of altitude or between 699 and 400 meters of altitude but which are more than 25 minutes from a hospital (the map was defined on the basis of the timing to reach a hospital elaborated by 118) . Here the ASL or the vaccination centers will directly invite all subjects to vaccinate. In the blue band, on the other hand, the municipalities with medium priority (Blue band). In this case, in agreement with the territory and the ASL, it will be possible to evaluate any cases that for specific reasons are to be considered high priority. The initiatesva of the Piedmont Region is part of the National Vaccination Plan and recalls the provisions of the circular of 5 May last, sent to the Conference of Regions by the extraordinary commissioner Figliuolo, on isolated areas that are more difficult to reach.

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“We are the first Region in Italy to initiate a process of this kind, we took action as soon as the Government opened up to this possibility – declared the President of the Region Alberto Cirio – because a mountain village experiences the same marginal situation as a ‘island. In Piedmont we jumped at this possibility with a concrete proposal that obtained the consent of General Figliuolo.

From mid-June our mountains will therefore be Covid free: a highly safe place to spend your holidays. We believe that this is also the best invitation for the many tourists who have always loved the peaks of Piedmont ». Approximately 110,000 residents can be vaccinated in high priority mountain municipalities. The ASL will convene the approximately 71,000 residents who have not yet been vaccinated (another 39,000 have already received at least one dose because they fall into the categories already in the vaccination phase). From the Region it was then specified that “the countries with a vaccination center will organize themselves to conclude the operation in a weekend, while the inhabitants of the countries without a vaccination center will be able to do it in the nearest one”.

The reactions on the territory are positive. Starting from Ceresole Reale, one of the most popular destinations. «Great thing – comments the deputy mayor Mauro Durbano -. A far-sighted decision that protects us from the risk of contagion, given that thousands of people arrive every year, and encourages safe tourism. Well”. While waiting to know how and when the vaccination in the Canavese yellow belt will be organized, Franco Ferrero, president of the Consortium of tourism operators in the Canavese valleys, also spends words of optimism. «Excellent news, we hope it will be a good summer for the Canavese». Canavese where the first reservations for the summer begin to arrive. Italians, first of all, and French. “Beyond the big hotels, the trend is to choose apartments and independent lodgings, landlords and bed & breakfasts again this year”.

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