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Cannabis: ok to the basic text, green light for mini-crops at home. It is controversy

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The House Justice Committee approved the basic text on cannabis and it was immediately controversial because the majority split over the text. «The cultivation of no more than four” female “plants at home is decriminalized – the president announces satisfied Mario Perantoni (M5s), also rapporteur of the provision -. It is an important result, obtained in the wake of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation but also thanks to the ability of parliamentary groups to confront each other and find a reasonable synthesis. If the penalties for minor offenses are reduced, the penalties for crimes related to trafficking, dealing and detention for the purpose of selling cannabis are increased from 6 to ten years “.

Center-right contrary

They voted against the Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Coraggio Italia and Forza Italia (with the exception of Elio Vito) and Italia viva abstained, while all the others voted in favor of the radical Riccardo Magi (promoter of one of the merged proposals in the basic text) to the M5s, Pd and Leu. After the vote on the basic text, the deadline for tabling amendments must be set, to be discussed in committee. Only after these further steps will you be able to go to the classroom.


Lega: no to the text, it is a prelude to legalization

The controversy was immediate. Matteo Salvini he attacks: «Ius Soli, Ddl Zan and today the cultivation of cannabis at home. If these are the priorities of Pd and 5Stelle in government, Italy has a problem ».

“The League – explained Roberto Turri, leader of the Lega group in the Carroccio Justice Commission – had just rejected what clearly represents the prelude to legalization: our proposals, contained in the Droga zero provision, have in fact remained unheard but on our part there remains the iron belief that those who sell drugs sell death, and we will continue to fight to defend this principle. We asked for our proposal to be uncoupled, because in no way do we want it to be combined with the text approved today and to prevent it from decaying. We could thus incardinate it again and, when the center-right is the government majority, approve it ”.

M5S: important therapeutic use

“The cultivation of hemp at home is essential for patients who have to make therapeutic use of it and who often do not find it available, as well as to combat the sale and the consequent criminal undergrowth” explains Perantoni (M5s).

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