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Cannabis referendum: 100,000 signatures collected in 24 hours

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“An extraordinary but not surprising result. The digital signature has finally given a political sense to social media. And on social networks cannabis is known and appreciated as much as its prohibitions are criticized. Thanks to the 100,000 signatures that confirmed convictions in 24 hours antiprohibitionists and on with signatures and donations because each signature costs us one euro! “. He states it Marco Perduca of the Luca Coscioni Association and President of the referendum promoting committee on cannabis.

Cannabis, a referendum for legalization is underway

by Viola Giannoli

“The Italians are showing that they want to seize a very precious opportunity for participation, debate and reform. Today, as always, referendums are also a struggle for the rules and for information to citizens. As promoters, we ask that this referendum not suffer discrimination as regards the time limits for the filing of signatures, he argues Riccardo Magi (+ Europe), underlining an extraordinary participation from below that goes against the stalemate of politics and which aims optimistically at 30 September, the deadline for the delivery of the 500,000 subscriptions.

The collection of signatures for the cannabis referendum, which will be held only online at the referendumcannabis.it website, started on Saturday 11 September after the filing of last September 7 at the Court of Cassation by a group of experts, jurists and militants, always committed against prohibition, coordinated by the associations Luca Coscioni, Meglio Legale, Forum Droghe, Società della Ragione and Antigone. Representatives of the parties + Europe, Possible, Italian Radicals, the Italian Left, and the Communist Refoundation also took part in the proposal.

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On Twitter also the founder of the 5 Star Movement Beppe Grillo he invited to join: “The referendum to decriminalize Cannabis in Italy and pave the way for legalization is underway. 500 thousand signatures are needed by 30 September 2021. Signed and signed” he wrote.


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