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Canton Fair restarts physical exhibition of Chinese companies to expand online and offline markets_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: Canton Fair restarts physical exhibitions, Chinese companies expand online and offline markets

China News Service, Guangzhou, October 14th, title: Canton Fair restarts physical exhibitions, Chinese companies expand online and offline markets

China News Agency reporter Cheng Jingwei

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair”) held its opening ceremony in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex on the afternoon of the 14th. The reporter visited the exhibition hall and saw that the on-site exhibition was ready, including smart home appliances, sporting goods, clothing, food and medicine, etc. Various products were unveiled. Participating Chinese companies have expressed that they will go all out to grab orders and expand the market.

The 130th Canton Fair will be held online and offline from October 15 to 19.

The reporter noticed that all the security checkpoints of the Canton Fair Complex are equipped with all-in-one verification machines. Participants who participate in the exhibition can wear their badges to achieve “inductive passage”. It is reported that the “door verification system” used for the first time in this session of the Canton Fair connects the epidemic prevention health code with the certificate data in real time, greatly improving the efficiency of epidemic prevention and security inspection.

This year’s Canton Fair set up 51 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, with a total of 19,181 offline booths and 7,795 exhibiting companies. The offline exhibition area is 400,000 square meters, and it is still the world’s largest physical exhibition under the epidemic.

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As a representative of “Guanghuo”, Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. brought its Beas, Hutou, Eagle Money and other time-honored brands to participate in the exhibition. Among them, Pisces not only brought a series of star products such as color matching tables into the Canton Fair Pavilion, but also catered to the demand for home sports in overseas markets. For the Canton Fair, it has prepared a variety of wrist balls, horizontal bars on the door, and simple table tennis for the Canton Fair. New products such as ball serve machines.

At the Canton Fair, Hutou Company focused on exhibiting new products such as 1.5v lithium rechargeable batteries. According to reports, after 93 years of development, Tiger Head’s products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, with a market share of 50% to 75% in some African countries, and annual sales of dry batteries exceed 6 billion. In recent years, Hutou Company has upgraded products with new materials, new processes and new technologies, and has also launched a new product packaging design for the fashionable consumption needs of young people.

“The 130th Canton Fair, we are ready!” Chen Jiayuan, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., said that as a “full-time student” who has been participating since the first Canton Fair, the group has a total of 116 booths, covering clothing, electronics, food, chemical, cultural and sports, etc., to showcase the new image of the Guangzhou goods brand to the world.

In the home appliance exhibition area, Galanz Group, the Chinese home appliance giant, exhibited air frying microwave ovens, medical-grade air disinfection machines, and smart garment ironing machines with compound health functions such as sterilization and mite removal. One-stop smart living solution for healthy life.

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The person in charge of the group stated that this is the 48th time the company has participated in the Canton Fair with its own brand. At present, Galanz’s self-branded products have entered mainstream retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot in North America, and have covered mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. The orders for self-owned brands have maintained high growth year after year.

At the same time, the current Canton Fair online exhibition maintains the original about 60,000 booths, about 26,000 Chinese and foreign companies will participate online, uploading exhibits will reach 2.82 million pieces, and new products will reach 880,000 pieces.

With the three-time online Canton Fair exhibiting experience, many exhibitors are more confident in “live delivery” and integrate online and offline channels to connect with global buyers. The person in charge of Galanz Group stated that the company’s offline booth at this Canton Fair will become a large-scale brand show and innovation experience center. The company has set up a series of live broadcast rooms at its headquarters.

“This year’s Canton Fair is a very special one in the 65-year history of the Canton Fair. It is a landmark and milestone.” Chu Shijia, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Canton Fair and Director of the China Foreign Trade Center, believes that the integration of online and offline holdings has maintained the face-to-face negotiation of the Canton Fair. , The traditional advantages of looking at samples and establishing mutual trust and ease, conforming to the trend of digital economy development, expanding the scale of the Canton Fair, and conducive to the comprehensive display of exhibitors and brand images. (over)

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