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Captured for manufacturing, trafficking and possession of firearms

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Captured for manufacturing, trafficking and possession of firearms

Authorities carried out an arrest under court order of an individual in the city of Neiva.

The agents from quadrant 15, belonging to the CAI Stadium, carried out the capture of José Leonardo Perdomo Fernández, 43 years old, at the intersection of 19th street and 40th street, thanks to a background request made on the PDA device.

Perdomo Fernández was required for the crime of manufacturing, trafficking and possession of aggravated firearms or ammunition. Apparently, this individual would be linked to a process for events that occurred on March 2, 2016.

After his arrest, the prisoner was brought before the competent authorities, who decided to impose an insurance measure in a prison.

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On the other hand, in an outstanding work carried out by the uniformed officers of the National Police in the capital of the department of Huila and in the municipalities of Aipe, Rivera and Palermo, important results were achieved in terms of security. The actions undertaken included arrests in flagrante and by court order, seizures, immobilization of vehicles and the deployment of various prevention campaigns.

As for the arrests, 4 people were arrested for theft, 4 for trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics, 2 for falsifying a public document and 2 for illegally carrying firearms. These actions contribute to dismantle criminal structures and provide peace of mind to the community.

Likewise, 3 vehicles were immobilized by court order, while several cases of liquor valued at more than 4 million pesos were seized due to the lack of required documentation. In addition, prevention campaigns focused on women were carried out, through the “Woman, Family and Gender” strategy, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of their protection and well-being.

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The 123 emergency line received a total of 2,321 calls, of which 213 were related to cases of quarrels, 174 due to disturbances of peace and 43 due to the presence of suspicious persons. This demonstrates the confidence of citizens in police work and their willingness to report risk situations.

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