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Captured in Casanare two of the most wanted in Cúcuta – news

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Captured in Casanare two of the most wanted in Cúcuta – news

The entity plans to install 28 new polling stations in 13 municipalities of Nariño, Córdoba, Cauca, Cesar and Casanare to guarantee the right to vote for ethnic groups and in compliance with the Final Agreement to end the conflict and build a stable peace. and lasting with the FARC-EP.

The municipalities are: Tumaco, Barbacoas, Cumbal and Samaniego, in Nariño; Chinú, San Andrés de Sotavento and Tuchín, in Córdoba; Suárez, El Tambo, Santander de Quilichao and Bolívar, in Cauca; Valledupar in Cesar and Sacama in Casanare.

New position in Casanare

In Casanare, the entity will install a new polling station in the Sácama municipality. This polling station that will benefit the indigenous population is called Chaparral and Barro Negro, and will be located in the Campo Hermoso village.

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With the installation of these new polling stations by the National Registry, the ethnic communities that have seats in remote parts of the country and, who previously had to travel by different means and long periods of time to reach a polling station, they will be able to exercise their right to vote more easily and quickly.

Of the 28 new polling stations, 21 will benefit indigenous communities in Nariño, Córdoba, Cauca, Cesar and Casanare, and 7 will benefit Afro communities in Nariño and Cauca.

Source: National Registry of Civil Status

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