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Captured in Meta subjects with extensive criminal records – news

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Captured in Meta subjects with extensive criminal records – news

In the municipality of Granada, Meta, alias ‘Jetas’ was captured, wanted for the commission of different punishable acts.

19-year-old ‘Jetas’ would be allegedly responsible for the events that occurred in November 2021, in the El Bosque neighborhood of this same municipality where Mr. Camilo Goyeneche Calderón was killed with a firearm and a sharp element.

According to the Police, the investigation allowed probative material to be presented for a judge to issue the arrest warrant for the crimes of aggravated homicide in a heterogeneous contest with manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

In addition to this arrest warrant, it was learned that alias ‘Jetas’ presents to the Prosecutor’s Oral Accusatory Criminal System (SPOA) the following records as an accused, as follows: for aggravated homicide in 2020, two more processes for that same crime homicide and one manufacturing, trafficking or illegal carrying of weapons in 2021 and one for damage to another’s property in 2022.

This person was presented and left at the disposal of the Municipal Court 2 of Granada, Meta, where his legal and criminal situation will be defined by a judge of the Republic.

Captured alias “Peluco”

In the municipality of Castilla La Nueva, the criminal actor known by the alias “Peluco” or “Carroloco” was caught red-handed.

The operation, which was carried out under the coordination of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, began through a search and search procedure carried out at a house located in the La Playita Dos neighborhood of that municipality.

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During the inspection of the property, hallucinogenic substances were found and seized such as: marijuana and cocaine hydrochloride, elements for the preparation and dosage of these psychoactive substances; two cartridges for a 9-millimeter pistol, a motorcycle with altered identification figures, some motorcycle parts or auto parts, and a false traffic license.

Thanks to information from a human source and the investigative actions carried out by units of the SIJIN Meta, it was established that ‘Peluco’ would be a criminal actor dedicated to the theft, sale and commercialization of auto parts; At the same time, he was engaged in the local sale and trafficking of drugs in the municipalities of Guamal and Castilla La Nueva.

The captured subject along with the seized elements was presented and left at the disposal of the Acacías Sectional Prosecutor No. 23, where I will have to answer for the crimes of theft, trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotic drugs, false public document, false trademark and manufacturing. , carrying and/or possession of firearms, accessories, parts and/or ammunition.

Source: Meta Police

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