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Car transporter loses cars on Autosole and triggers an accident

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Six cars involved and seven injured, one is serious

(ANSA) – ORVIETO (TERNI), 02 DEC – Seven injured, one of whom in serious condition, and six cars involved, are the toll of a road accident that took place just before midnight along the A1, about a kilometer from the Orvieto tollbooth, towards Rome. According to what was ascertained by the traffic police of Orvieto, this was caused by a truck used for the transport of cars, which suddenly lost one.

The driver probably did not notice and continued his march, but the vehicle that fell from the truck was violently hit by another car. Five other vehicles were involved in the accident, including another truck and an exceptional load transport.

The worst consequences were reported by a 45-year-old from Lazio, who was traveling as a passenger on the vehicle that hit the car that fell from the car transporter, hospitalized subject to prognosis at the hospital in Orvieto.

Polstrada investigations are still underway to identify the driver of the truck who lost the car.

Firefighters and Autostrade personnel also intervened on the spot. Traffic along the stretch affected by the accident was blocked for about an hour and then regular traffic was restored. (HANDLE).

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