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Carema, the 2022 Gold Cluster awarded to Bosonetto

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Carema, the 2022 Gold Cluster awarded to Bosonetto
The first three classified at the Grappolo d’oro with the mayor Flavio Vairos and the guests at the Carema grape and wine festival

The ceremony on Sunday afternoon, after the mini band concert. The mayor: “Today is the feast of all winemakers, they deserve an excellent harvest”

CAREMA. «After two years of hiatus, the Carema Grape and Wine Festival has returned to animate our town. It wasn’t possible to do everything we had in mind, but we’ll do it again next year ». Thus the mayor of Carema, Flavio Vairos, at the awarding of the winemakers on the occasion of the delivery of the Golden Cluster. Vairos added: «Today is the feast of all the winemakers to whom I wish an excellent harvest because they really deserve it, given the daily sacrifices to keep the business going. Now the appointment is next Saturday, with the beautiful tour of Andar for cellars. In the meantime, I thank all those who made our event possible ».

Judging the grapes, it was a jury composed of Elena Magna, Marco Manganetto and Carlo Borsani who worked in full harmony. The clusters were evaluated by examining the shoot, aesthetics, health aspect and babo grade (unit of measurement used to define the sugar content present in a must). It was therefore Mario Bosonetto who won the Grappolo d’oro at the seventieth edition of the Carema grape and wine festival. Second place for Oreste Vairetto Piccolo, third for Diego Bosonetto. Followed by Achille Milanesio, Simone Bertino, Mario Clerin, Arianna and Fabiana Cassetto, Diego Monetta, Corrado Ion, Mirko Baraggia, Alessandro Bosonetto, Augusto Vairos, Olivio Vair Piova, Ada Iachi, Elmer Clerino, Luigi D’Alessandro, Giorgio Ion, Gian Paolo Buat Albiana, Pier Luigi Voiglio, Lucia Gorda, Gianluca Bonin, Dario Ruffino, Fabio Lionville, Massimo Cassetto, Eldina Enrietti, Luciano Clerin, Sandro Gassino, Marino Perro, Rita Vairetto, Angela Vairetto, Flavio Clerin, Laura Iachi, Piera Bosonetto, Alessandro Buat Albiana, Bagnod farm, Simone Cassetto, Liviano Perro and Gianmarco Viano.

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The occasion of the award ceremony, at the end of the winegrower’s lunch after the mass with the blessing of the products of the earth, and of the concert of the Carema mini band, was the occasion to draw up an initial assessment of the two days. Deputy Mayor Fabio Peretto said he was fully satisfied with the two days of celebration, an opportunity to enhance a particular territory and give visibility to these heroic vineyards. All the moments were fully successful, including the synergy with the Scalero festival which saw one of its concerts in Carema. Peretto also highlighted the success of the Run in the Vineyard foot race, on a hilly course. «In its first edition – underlines the deputy mayor – 150 have signed up, a sign that even with sport the territories can be enhanced. Now our attention is focused on the Andar per cantine next Saturday ». Also present was Sonia Cambursano, metropolitan councilor with responsibility for economic development, production activities, tourism and strategic planning and mayor of Strambino. Cambursano underlined the importance of the Carema grape and wine festival: “As far as I’m concerned, these territories so rich in history and culture cannot but deserve the masattention “.

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