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Careri in the board of directors of Ciss leaves the municipal council of Montanaro

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Antonio Careri

Three doctors at the top of the social services consortium: “Making the services offered accessible to those in need”

MONTANARO. At the end of December, the assembly of mayors identified Antonio Barillà (also a doctor) as the new president and, as advisers, in addition to Careri, Aldo Ravaglia (retired pediatrician), Giulia Andreis and Livia Scuncio. «With some colleagues – explains Careri – we thought of forming a consortium and taking over the Ciss. Since the pandemic began, some services have not been provided or poorly provided. As doctors we said we made our time available. There is a lot of work to be done. There are problems left behind and to be addressed. Someone wanted us and someone didn’t. We said: “if you want a little experience, competence, we are there”. Then fortunately in the town of Chivasso there are two or three people of common sense who have understood that the situation could not fail to be left in the hands of three doctors ».

«I have to thank – he continues – the mayors of Foglizzo, Montanaro and Brandizzo, the councilor of Chivasso Claudio Morettie and the mayor of Chivasso Claudio Castello who believed in us. Now we have the duty to give a new breath to the Ciss. I hope to be able to carry out the task with commitment, discretion and ability. The goal now is to make the services more usable and more accessible to those who need them “.

At the moment the new board has not yet met. The first meetings, also with the director of the consortium, will presumably take place in the coming weeks. Among the most urgent issues, there is the renewal of the agreement with the ASL / To4. The position in the Ciss is free and is not incompatible with that of municipal councilor, but Careri still decided to resign “out of courtesy”.

At the moment it has not yet been decided who will join the Council. The first excluded is Elena Bassino but it is possible that the place vacated by Careri is occupied by someone else. “We are doing some reasoning within the list,” explains Archangel Gallon.

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