Home News Cars blocked due to snow, the mayor of Zoldo: “We need to check the tires downstream”

Cars blocked due to snow, the mayor of Zoldo: “We need to check the tires downstream”

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About twenty interventions by the fire brigade yesterday morning. In Cansiglio a jeep was rescued on the hunt for adventures

BELLUNO. With the snowfalls also come the inconveniences for the road system. There was no shortage of problems, especially this morning, along the roads of the upper part of the province. About twenty interventions by firefighters who recovered cars blocked by snow in Selva di Cadore, San Vito, Borca, Santo Stefano, Valle di Cadore and Agordo. There was also no lack of accidents that made traffic difficult. In some cases they were cars without the necessary snow tires, but in most of the mountain area the snow reached levels for which it was also necessary to install the chains. In San Vito, in the afternoon, a pedestrian was hit by a car that failed to stop, fortunately without serious consequences.

The comment of the mayor of Val di Zoldo, Camillo De Pellegrin, annoyed, after seeing what was happening along the sp 251: «Sorry to say, but either checks are carried out before the valleys, or traffic will always be unmanageable when it snows. Vehicles without snow tires, but also without chains, must be stopped before starting to climb, otherwise, in addition to the discomfort, serious dangers are created. To avoid the cars stuck in the middle of the road, in fact, the other motorists make maneuvers that become dangerous and every winter it is like this ».

Then there are those who seek adrenaline and end up making a bad impression: it happened in Cansiglio where a jeep got stuck on Mount Pizzoc. On board there were some Paduans who were looking for adventure but were unable to overcome one of the last hairpin bends and had to ask the firefighters for help to get out of trouble.

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