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Cartago airport increases flights to the Pacific

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Cartago airport increases flights to the Pacific

A great impulse received the airport of Saint Anne of Carthagewith the announcement of the increase in flight frequencies to the Colombian Pacific.

This was announced by Juan Carlos Arias, manager of the Cartagena air terminal, who was satisfied with the support and confidence that the air terminal receives.

As indicated by Arias, “starting this week, with a company that has believed in the Santa Ana airport, we will go from two weekly flights to Bahía Solano, to three flights a week, and in the same way next Friday the d flights to Nuquí, twice a week”.

Increase frequency

The manager stated that the foregoing “means that practically all week there will be flights at the Santa Ana de Cartago airport, three flights to Bahía Solano on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and two flights to Nuquí on Monday and Friday.”

Noting that this is great news for the airport, Cartago and the north of the Valley, Juan Carlos Arias stated that “this is precisely due to the fact that this June the whale season begins in the Colombian Pacific, it is a worthy spectacle to observe it and it is good that our airport is fostering this connection with that region”.

This is one of the various activities that have been carried out at this airport, to which both public and private companies have been betting for the region’s competitiveness.

With these flights, the people of Valle del Cauca and the coffee region will not only have new alternatives to travel to the Pacific, but also as a means of communication to that area of ​​Colombia.

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Users who have traveled to the Colombian North Pacific have highlighted the professionalism and quality of the service that has been provided at this airport.

As will be remembered, in this month of July and until November the whale watching season begins throughout the Colombian Pacific, a time that both researchers and tourists take advantage of to travel to that area and be able to enjoy the spectacle that these enormous cetaceans offer.


The Santa Ana air terminal works as a cargo airport and has also become an alternate airport for Pereira for passenger flights.

To make this airport more competitive, different investments have been made to guarantee its operation.

This is how maintenance works have been carried out and the access roads to this terminal have been improved.

Likewise, the airport has also been a priority of both the national, departmental and local governments.

This airport is also being prepared like the big ones in the world and that is how an air drill was carried out last April.

As you will remember, this airport is located in the town of Santa Ana, municipality of Cartago, it has a 2,200-meter runway for private flights, aviation schools, and tourism and cargo flights, among others.

It is also considered one of the best airports built nationwide due to the direction of its winds and the excellent weather conditions it offers at the time of takeoff and landing.


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