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Castelfranco, empty 400 thousand euros from the aunt’s bank account. Woman on trial

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Castelfranco, empty 400 thousand euros from the aunt’s bank account.  Woman on trial

Circumvention of incapacity. It is the accusation that the public prosecutor of Treviso charges against Ida Rossl, 58 years old from Castelfranco, for having literally emptied the account of her husband’s elderly aunt for an amount close to 400 thousand euros.

The judge of the preliminary investigations granted the prosecution the preventive seizure up to the total amount of the sums unduly distracted from the elderly woman, MA, 84 years of Castelfranco.

The approach maneuver

Based on the investigations by the military of the Guardia di Finanza of the Castelfranco lieutenancy, the suspect would have approached her husband’s elderly relative still in the first months of 2020 and, taking advantage of the elderly woman’s conditions of psychic inferiority, suffering from a “cognitive impairment moderate”, and as such easily manipulated and circumvented, would have emptied the various current accounts (replenished by a figure of almost 200mila euros on the death of the husband).

During the investigation, the military of the Fiamme Gialle ascertained that, between 2020 and 2022, there would have been a whirlwind of movements between the accounts of the old woman and those of the suspect between withdrawals, girofunds and more.

A flow of money from the old woman’s deposits to those jointly owned by the 84-year-old and the suspect. All thanks to a concession of a general power of attorney.

100 thousand euros per month

On the basis of what has been ascertained, Rossl, on one occasion, would have diverted an amount of almost 100 thousand euros from an account of the 84-year-old in favor of his son in the space of less than a month.

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All without the elderly woman suspecting the alleged deception in the slightest. According to a report by the psychiatrist Alberto Kirn, in fact, the 84-year-old Castellana is suffering from a “moderate cognitive impairment”. This fact was due to a state of substantial social isolation and withdrawal, which led her to a condition of psychic deficiency such as to compromise her ability to judge.

Preventive seizure

For this reason, being easily circumvented by third parties, the prosecutor has asked that a support administrator be appointed to help the elderly woman from Castelfranco manage her capital and even small daily expenses.

In the meantime, the prosecutor has obtained a preventive seizure from the judge of preliminary investigations as evidence of the solidity of the accusation made against the 58-year-old who is under investigation for circumvention of an incompetent person.

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