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Catania, accident at work: worker loses an arm

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A 24-year-old worker of Moroccan origins has lost an arm and is in serious condition in hospital due to an accident in the plastics processing company where he works, in the industrial area south of Catania. The man was transferred by helicopter to the Cannizzaro hospital where he underwent a multidisciplinary surgery to try to limit the damage caused by the accident, even if it was not possible to reattach his arm.

*** The map of accidents at work in Italy in 2021

The incident occurred in the early afternoon. The worker would have slipped his right arm into a machine that would have torn it off. It is not yet clear how this happened and investigations are underway by the police, who have also questioned fellow workers and managers of the company, a company that recycles tires for the subsequent production of resins. The news was disseminated by trade union sources of the CGIL of Catania according to which the episode “confirms that the dangers are on the agenda and that safety is not yet in first place in the places where most of our time is spent , that is to say at work “.

“In the next few hours we will know more about what really happened in the specific case – said in a joint statement the secretary of the Chamber of Labor of Catania Carmelo De Caudo and the secretary of Filctem Cgil etnea Jerry Magno – but we believe the time has come for return to monitor the actual application of the rules, intensifying controls. It is not excluded that the crisis caused by the pandemic has led to a lowering of investments in the direction of security ».

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