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Catanzaro: Fiorita mayor, won with 58.24%

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Catanzaro: Fiorita mayor, won with 58.24%

His opponent Valerio Donato stopped at 41.76%

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, June 27 – Nicola Fiorita, subverting all predictions, is the new mayor of Catanzaro. The candidate of the Democratic Party, the 5-star Movement and some civic lists won with a percentage of 58.24%, exceeding his competitor Valerio Donato by a large margin, expression of a political and civic aggregation that saw together representatives of the center right and the center left, which stopped at 41.41%.

It is clear that strong abstention played in Fiorita’s favor, as expected on the eve of the vote. While in the first round, when it was also voted for the City Council, 65.91% of those entitled to vote had gone to the polls, the voters who turned up for the ballot were 42.22. It is the clear demonstration of how in the second round Fiorita’s voters were more motivated to vote, firmly committed to allowing him to overcome the difference in votes that on June 12 he had accused compared to his opponent.

Donato, in fact, had obtained 44.01%, while Fiorita had recorded 31.71. Fiorita’s recovery in terms of consensus compared to his opponent was, therefore, remarkable.

The first comment of Nicola Fiorita after his election was marked by enthusiasm. “An extraordinary result. For the first time Catanzaro – he said – opens a totally new page of popular participation, joy and hope. It is a great responsibility, certainly, for us and for me, but it is an extraordinary fact to be able to serve his own city, as mayor, for the good of the whole Catanzaro community. My first thought, as a mayor, is for the many inhabitants who want answers. And they want them soon. It is a great responsibility.

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Catanzaro has its mayor and its municipal councilors.

Now we will have to give, all together, the answers that the city expects “. (ANSA).

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