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CCP suddenly bans Taiwanese fruit Tsai Ing-wen: Violation of international trade regulations | Lotus mist | Sakyamuni | Import

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[Epoch Times September 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yujie comprehensive report) On September 19, the CCP suddenly suspended the import of Taiwanese fruits on the grounds of “insect pests.” Both the President and Vice President of Taiwan spoke on this issue on the 19th. President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan condemned the CCP’s violation of international trade norms. Vice President Lai Qingde said bluntly, “Let us see the unreasonableness of the authoritarian regime again.”

On September 19, the CCP suddenly announced that it would suspend the import of Taiwan’s custard apple and lotus mist from the 20th. So far, Taiwan’s three most exported fruits from the mainland (pineapple, custard apple and lotus mist) have all been banned by the CCP. .

Tsai Ing-wen: Chinese practices violate international trade norms

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said on Facebook on the 19th, “China’s practice has violated international trade norms. In addition to solemn condemnation, we will support all measures taken by the Executive Yuan’s Agriculture Committee and will definitely protect agriculture and support farmers.”

Earlier, Chen Jizhong, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan, stated that China (the CCP) took action unilaterally without providing scientific evidence, and it was during the Mid-Autumn Festival that Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture only received China’s at 9 a.m. on the 19th. Taiwan’s decision is unacceptable; Taiwan has informed China that if Beijing does not respond to Taiwan’s existing bilateral mechanism to resolve the issue before September 30, Taiwan will sue China to the WTO’s arbitration agency.

Tsai Ing-wen mentioned in a Facebook post that it is not the first time that China (the CCP) has unilaterally violated international trade regulations. “The pineapple incident in February this year (the CCP suddenly announced on February 26 that it would suspend imports of Taiwanese pineapples from March 1). ), I believe everyone’s memory is still fresh. This kind of raid is obviously not for normal trade considerations.”

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Tsai Ing-wen said that the pineapple incident, “after everyone’s concerted efforts, this year’s pineapple production and sales are not only stable, but the export sales from January to August after deducting China, also increased by 566% over the same period last year.”

Tsai Ing-wen also mentioned that the CCP has not only affected Taiwan’s agricultural products. In recent years, including wine and lobster in Australia, and even the recent suspension of approval of Lithuanian agricultural products import permits by China, the international community has doubted that China is really determined to abide by international trade. Is it standard?”

Earlier, after Australia announced an independent investigation of the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19), the Chinese Communist Party announced that it banned the import of some Australian agricultural products. However, the data in the first quarter of this year showed that Australia’s exports have grown across the board, which has caused its economy to rebound strongly and have returned to the level before the epidemic. .

Lithuania established Europe’s first representative office under the name “Taiwan” in July this year. The CCP then suddenly suspended the approval procedures for importing agricultural and livestock products and suspended bilateral agricultural and animal husbandry negotiations. The Foreign Minister of Lithuania stated in early September that Lithuania will not back down on the Taiwan issue; the US government, as well as members of parliament from many European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, expressed support.

Tsai Ing-wen finally said in a Facebook post: “At this moment, I also call on the ruling and opposition parties. We must unite externally to minimize the market impact caused by China’s deliberate political interference. We will also follow various channels. To help farmers get justice.”

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Lai Qingde: Let us once again see the irrationality of the authoritarian regime

On the 19th, Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Qingde also posted on Facebook on the matter. He said: “It is a pity to hear such news during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Chinese government once again used non-economic factors to suddenly prohibit the export of Taiwanese custard apples and lotus mists.”

Lai Qingde said: “There is no accusation of scientific evidence, and the embargo does not comply with trade regulations. Since June, our agricultural products have not been notified of unqualified inspections. China chose to send notifications during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and announced the suspension of imports the next day. It’s hard not to doubt the real motive behind this kind of slander of Taiwan’s agricultural products with the intention of causing economic and trade losses.”

“This kind of abnormal ban has made us once again see the irrationality of the authoritarian regime,” Lai Qingde said. “International trade and product export should be business activities of equal transactions, mutual trust and mutual benefit. Lianwu, such attacks and damages to Taiwan’s agriculture and non-agricultural and non-economic factors will not defeat Taiwan. On the contrary, it will make the international community more questioning and cautious about the stability and integrity of the Chinese market.”

Taiwan’s legislator Lin Junxian said on the same day: “China suddenly and without warning announced that it would ban the import of Taiwan’s Sakyamuni lotus mist. The reason was pests. The strange thing is that Taiwan’s fruit exports to the world, it seems that only China is the most “powerful” and can always I found out all kinds of problems, is it a problem of agricultural products or a political factor? I think the answer is clear to everyone.”

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According to the analysis of Taiwan legislator Wang Dingyu quoted by the “Freedom Times” on the 19th, China (the CCP)’s actions have increased the world’s doubts about its investment. Over time, China itself must be the ultimate victim.

Wang Dingyu said that on the one hand, Taiwan should formally report to the WTO to safeguard international etiquette and farmers’ rights and interests. On the other hand, it must diversify its agricultural export market and not rely too much on China to prevent them from using business to force politics and harm farmers to threaten Taiwan and strengthen Taiwan. Cooperation with free and democratic countries is the way for Taiwan’s development.

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