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CCP’s high-profile preparations for war propaganda leads to panic experts: fooling domestic people | Food shortage | Panic buying | Covering up the crisis

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[Epoch Times November 04, 2021](Interviews and reports by Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Zhao Fenghua) Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has frequently conducted military exercises and air defense warnings. Some areas have issued emergency kits to residents. The Ministry of Commerce of the Communist Party of China issued a notice a few days ago to encourage residents to reserve essential living supplies, causing panic among the people. There was a panic buying of basic living supplies such as rice, noodles, and oil in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

According to the air defense offices in Shandong, Anhui and other places in China, emergency kits have been issued to some local residents, and air defense education has been initiated. The Ministry of Commerce of the Communist Party of China issued the “Notice on Guaranteeing the Supply of People’s Daily Necessities This Winter and Next Spring” on November 1, encouraging citizens to reserve daily necessities to deal with emergencies.

Financial experts: covering up the crisis kills three birds with one stone

Taiwanese financial expert Wu Jialong said in an interview with The Epoch Times reporter that the Ministry of Commerce of the Communist Party of China told the people to stock people’s livelihood supplies, which will have two economic effects: one is to cover up the food crisis, and the other is to stimulate domestic consumer demand.

“Because everyone is rushing to buy things, the domestic market demand will be pulled out, first support the scene, because everyone is rushing to buy things, the market demand will come out, and then we will take care of future things and pull up the economy in a short time, so he doesn’t need to be like worship. The economic stimulus plan launched by Deng (instead) used panic buying to stimulate the economy, which produced these two effects. You can also pretend to be mobilizing for war and intimidate Taiwan and the United States. This will kill three birds with one stone.”

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Wu Jialong said that the CCP has continuously upgraded its propaganda to prepare for war, mainly to cover up the truth about the shortage of food supply and energy supply.

“The truth is, its food crisis, food shortage, and then everyone rushed to buy it, but I couldn’t buy it, because others were rushing to buy it, I was one step too late, so I couldn’t buy it. The truth was covered up.”

“Under this situation, there are actually many gaps in the supply of materials, that is, shortage of supply, shortage of electricity supply, shortage of coal supply, and shortage of food supply. Using this method of rushing to buy, let everyone know that they can’t buy it because someone else rushed to buy it. Everyone did not expect that there was no supply of goods, no sources of supply, and there was a problem with the supply. Panic buying was used to cover up the shortage of food.”

Strategy expert: bluffing takes the opportunity to hype

Officials of the Communist Party of China also frequently publish videos of military exercises and air defense warnings. According to the CCP’s official media “Changsha Evening News“, on November 1, the CCP officially released a video. The afternoon was the 21st air defense sirens test day in Hunan Province. Air defense sirens were tested throughout the province.

Regarding this, Su Ziyun, director of the Institute of Strategy and Resources of the National Defense Security Research Institute of Taiwan, said in an interview with Epoch Times that the CCP’s “wolf is coming” propaganda is too much, and the Taiwanese people will not be too worried.

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Su Ziyun said: “China has always had such actions, and some of their official media or the people will deliberately interpret them as attacking Taiwan. For example, on September 18 this year, Shanghai issued a prevention and control alert. Last year there were many similar actions. Thing.”

“In September last year, the Chinese official online released a message that after October 1st, mobilization and mobilization were to be carried out. At that time, it was also said that Taiwan was to be attacked. In December last year, the People’s Liberation Army purchased 1.4 million pieces. He also said that he would fight Taiwan. Xi Jinping spoke three times in a row, saying that he would prepare for war and also that he would fight Taiwan. Therefore, we will still treat these messages with caution, but we will not be too worried. Because of this. There are too many messages of’The wolf is coming’.”

Dr. Su Ziyun believes that the Chinese Communist Party’s political hype is more likely to be mainly targeted at the mainland people.

“Their National People’s Congress also authorized Xi Jinping to fight external wars and control the military internally, so of course his actions were made for internal netizens. Now the possibility that the US military and other allied forces will assist in defense of Taiwan is increasing. He may be making a statement, but the real response is the prevention and control of their internal epidemic, and the possible food shortage.”

“Because if he really wants to start a war, he will not have so many warning messages for the outside world to discover. This is not a standard procedure for starting a war, so it is a bluff, and the possibility of taking the opportunity to hype is relatively high.”

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“The last one, I think the most realistic thing now is that if war starts now, it will be very unfavorable to the CCP. Basically, it has no chance of winning, so it is tantamount to exacerbating the demise of the CCP. We can look at these messages more objectively. Mainly operate on netizens.”

Military experts: No signs of using force to fool the mainland people

Li Zhengxiu, a military expert at the National Policy Research Foundation of Taiwan, said in an interview with the Epoch Times reporter that the CCP’s escalation of combat readiness propaganda is mainly to fool the mainland people.

Li Zhengxiu said: “There are no signs of the CCP launching an attack on Taiwan. It should be more likely to be for the purpose of showing internal cohesion. After all, if you really want to launch military operations, the assembly of troops, logistics support, and the retreat of the people, etc. It must be planned and deployed beforehand. It is absolutely impossible to just issue an air defense warning.”

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