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CCP’s power rationing flees the United States. Guangdong businessmen lament that they have no business to do | Power rationing measures | Blackouts | Real estate

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[Epoch Times October 07, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xu Xiuhui in Los Angeles) At the end of August this year, 20 provinces and cities in mainland China began to implement power curtailment measures, and cities in the three northeastern provinces even experienced multiple power cuts in late September. In some areas, there are multiple power outages within a day without warning; the manufacturing industry and Guangdong Province, which has developed foreign trade, are also facing the same problem. Starting September 22, Guangdong will have a total industrial power cut. Power outages for a week.” In Jieyang Industrial Zone, weekly power rationing “opens one week and stops six” production lines are in chaos; Foshan and Shantou “open two to stop five” every week.

There have been two days of power outages in a week in June this year

Yi Liufei, who fled from the mainland in June this year, was engaged in manufacturing and trade exports in Guangdong. He went to the country of work for business reasons, and then moved to the United States. He said: “Many of my colleagues have gone to Vietnam. Raw material prices have risen and electricity has been curtailed. Before I went abroad, there had been two days of power outages a week. (Guangdong Province) Dongguan City was originally a world factory, but now it is very poor and the economy is already very poor. NS.”

As far as Yi Liufei knows, many foreign-funded companies choose to leave China, but they have to be stripped by the CCP. The CCP will use taxes or other means to make things difficult, and it is even more difficult for domestic-funded companies to leave. During the Chinese New Year in 2020 and the early days of Wuhan pneumonia, he took a lot of videos “blocked” by the CCP at the junction of Hubei and Hunan. After uploading to Twitter and WeChat Moments, he was interviewed and threatened by the public security, so he decided to flee.

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Yi Liufei said: “The Chinese are too tired to think, they can only work hard to make money and maintain their lives.” But under the CCP system, the people’s livelihood economy is deteriorating. During the epidemic, the transportation cost was more than ten times more expensive. He said: “It is impossible to increase the price. The profit of receiving orders is not high, and it is maintained. The only money is the Communist Party. Now it is very difficult for individuals to exchange US dollars. Up to 50,000 yuan.” But China is now very short of US dollars, so it still encourages businesses to export to earn foreign exchange.

Yi Liufei said: “Sometimes we may not be able to change due to various burdens, but don’t cooperate with it (the CCP). All we can do is to lie flat. I am very supportive of lay flatism. Hard work is still growing. With the strength of the Communist Party, good health is more important.”

Real estate is a financial tool of the Chinese Communist Party

Before he fled, Yi Liufei’s company was barely able to maintain a balance of payments. He said: “It is to issue workers’ salaries. After three months of my absence, business is even more bleak.” He is currently dealing with the sale of the company and the transfer of the company’s legal person and company. Shares.

Facing the high housing prices in Shenzhen, Yi Liufei said: “I didn’t buy a house myself. I lay flat very early. This is the CCP’s method of exploiting the people. Three generations of Chinese people are annoyed by it.” He thinks Chinese people. In fact, there is no shortage of houses. Real estate has become a financial means. The Chinese Communist government uses money printing to prevent the housing market from collapsing, but its prosperity must decline. If China’s real estate collapses, it will be the beginning of the financial crisis. Yi Liufei said: “There is no business in China now. Easy to do.”

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Although the CCP continues to boast about the prosperity prospects of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, Yi Liufei believes that the establishment of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” is just to increase housing prices while at the same time diluting Hong Kong’s influence and turning Hong Kong into a city in the Mainland. He said: “The Communist Party will not allow Hong Kong to become an independent existence, but to make it inland.”

The devil propaganda makes the lower class hate the beauty

During the epidemic, Yi Liufei also donated 40,000 RMB medical protective equipment to churches in the United States. He said: “At that time, the CCP was throwing a blow to the United States, but President Trump (Trump) also tried every means to help China by publishing Remdesivir (Remdesivir) prescription for China to make generic drugs.”

Another reason why Yi Liufei decided to donate anti-epidemic supplies to the United States was that he learned that a manufacturer of thermometer chips in Shenzhen had deliberately lowered the sensing temperature. Assuming that the patient has a fever of 38 degrees Celsius, only 37 degrees will be displayed, making the thermometer inaccurate. And this batch of “bad” thermometers will be exported to the United States to allow the virus to infect more Americans.

Yi Liufei said: “At the time I heard that I was very angry. The public opinion was that the US military games in Wuhan spread the virus. I don’t believe these contents, but I saw people who are also in the manufacturing industry doing this kind of thing. This is already the devil’s propaganda.” He believes that this is because the Chinese government’s propaganda has caused the people at the bottom to have a hatred of the United States, and the truth is unknown.

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Everyone around you will “maintain stability”

In 2011, Yi Liufei discovered the “Freegate” network circumvention software in the QQ group, so he began to pay attention to different information overseas. In addition to registering on Twitter, he also read books such as “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. However, what frustrated Yi Liufei was that although he knew the truth of history, he could not change the status quo. He said: “People around you will’maintain stability’ you. As long as you say bad things about the Communist Party, they will think you are sick and you are insane. I have lost many friends because of this quarrel, because of this quarrel with different views.”

In the mainland, people can’t talk about politics, or friends can’t do it. Yi Liufei can only play sideways and let the other person reflect. He said: “Some people will accept it, but most people listen to the story and don’t care, and live their own lives.” ◇#

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