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Celac Summit, acronyms, positions of authority: editorial keys according to Fundéurae – news

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Celac Summit, acronyms, positions of authority: editorial keys according to Fundéurae – news

Press offices and in many communication media write the position of civil servants with a capital letter, which is not correct.

On the occasion of the VII Summit of Celac Heads of State, which is being held these days in Buenos Aires, The Urgent Spanish Foundation –FundéuRAE-,

non-profit institution what Its main objective is to promote the proper use of Spanish, it offers a series of recommendations on some terms and expressions that may raise doubts.

1. Celac, better than CELAC

Celac is the acronym for Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. To have more than four letters, it is advisable to write it with a capital letter only in the initial (Celac, instead of CELAC), in accordance with what is indicated by the Orthography of the Spanish language. The same happens with Mercosur (Common Market of the South) or Caricom (Caribbean Community).

2. Initials, invariable in written plural

It is recommended to keep the initials invariable in the plural in the written form, in such a way that the FTA and the FTAs ​​(not FTA’s or FTAs), one NGO and eight hundred NGOs (not NGO’s or NGOs) are written.

3. The positions and authorities, with a lowercase initial

Nouns that designate positions or authorities, such as president, chancellor, prime minister, etc., are written with a lowercase initial.

4. Homologous is not equivalent to homonymous

To express that someone fulfills a function similar to that of another, it is appropriate to refer to him as his counterpart, not his namesake: “The president of Chile met with his American counterparts.”

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5. Pro tempore, without tilde and in italics

The Latin expression pro tempore, common in phrases such as “Argentina assumes the presidency for the time de la Celac», it is written without accent marks and in italics, or in quotation marks if that font is not available, as it is a Latin phrase.

6. The words session, meeting, meeting…, in lowercase

It is appropriate to write in lower case, except if they are part of a proper name, words such as meeting, meeting, session, etc.: ministerial work meeting, ambassadors meeting, plenary session, reflection group…

7. Roadmap, alternatives

To avoid its excessive use, it is recalled that the expression roadmap can be replaced by plan (action), agenda, process, programming, planning, schedule…

8. Writing numbers

In four-digit numbers, neither the thousand point nor the comma is used: “The summit is covered by 1,500 journalists” (not “1,500” or “1,500”). In addition, when writing compound numeral adjectives, it is not appropriate to mix figures and letters and to write “Bilateral trade amounted to 64 thousand 327.4 million dollars” instead of “… 64 327.4 million…”.

9. The % sign is written separately from the number

When writing percentages, the symbol % is written separately from the figure it accompanies, as indicated in the Spelling: “Cepal projects growth of 1.3% for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

10. Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires do not mean the same thing

The proper name and adjective to refer to natural persons from the city of Buenos Aires is porteño. On the other hand, Buenos Aires is used to refer to what is relative to and belonging to the province of Buenos Aires, whose capital is La Plata.

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