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Center of Pereira, “paradise” of high-impact crimes

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Center of Pereira, “paradise” of high-impact crimes

In the center of Pereira, specifically in the perimeter between 13th and 25th streets and 9th and 4th streets, most of the city’s financial entities are concentrated, in addition to entities that provide different services to citizens (mayor’s office, ombudsman, Ombudsman, among others), is the area where most of the trade is located and much more offer. This makes thousands of people visit this place of the Pearl of Otún every day.

Being the most visited site in the city, it is also the one that registers the highest occurrence of high-impact crimes such as theft from people, freight, among others.

To curb this serious problem that “steals” the tranquility of the citizenry, the mayor of Pereira, Carlos Maya López, after calling attention to the Metropolitan Police, asked the uniformed officers for greater control in the downtown area, for which he did delivery of new equipment.

Among the elements, 10 motorcycles, computers, tents, helmets, technological licenses, briefcases, and raincoats stand out. An investment of $1,500 million was made in this equipment and those that will be delivered to the Army and the National Protection Unit (UNP).

To improve security in the downtown area, the possibility of implementing some measures is also being analyzed, such as the restriction of the male barbecue grill, installing more surveillance cameras, as stated in an interview with El Diario, the local president.

‘Revolving door’
One of the problems that has been affecting security in Pereira and practically the entire country is that many of the suspected criminals who are arrested by the Police never serve a prison sentence, are released by the judges and return to the streets to commit crimes.

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The Pereira mayor affirmed that of the 2,423 people detained in the city in 2022, only 13% received a custodial sentence in a prison, 2% were sheltered with house arrest, what is widely known as house by jail, while that 85% were released.

Although a law that punished the recidivism of crimes came into force, but the statistics show that it still has not had the expected effect, especially considering that many of the criminals who are released go out to continue committing crimes.

It is important to mention that Pereira, as well as other cities in the country, have been suffering from the problem of prison overcrowding for years. As the song says “There is no bed for so many people” and this applies to prison places.

inter-municipal insecurity
Despite the fact that Pereira is a city that registers a high incidence of high-impact crimes, there are also situations that lead to more crimes occurring in the city.

In the past, criminal gangs that come from other cities in the country have been arrested in the capital of Risaraldense. To this is added the security problems that have been registered in the Puerto Caldas corregimiento. Many of the crimes in this part of Pereira are related to the neighboring municipality of Cartago.

With the purpose of mitigating this problem that transcends the department, a kind of integration process of some security measures for both locations would be sought, as has been done in terms of public transportation, airport operations, among others.

The second safest intermediate city

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The capital of Risaraldense was the second safest intermediate city in Colombia in 2022, according to Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Venegas, commander in charge of the Pereira Metropolitan Police. The uniformed man pointed out that “this information was obtained from the criminal and contraventional statistical system of the Metropolitan Police, which is linked to the SPOA system of the Attorney General’s Office, where the analysis of the 10 intermediate cities of the country is carried out, in which the incidence of crime per 100,000 inhabitants is taken into account and this allows us to say that Pereira was the second intermediate city with the lowest crime rate in 2022, only Manizales had a lower rate”.

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