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Centuries-old boardwalk discovered | Message @ Archeology Online

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Centuries-old boardwalk discovered |  Message @ Archeology Online

The community breaking latest news from 1592 provides the first references to the Bohlenweg, which was once the town’s thoroughfare and represented an important long-distance route between Nuremberg and Frankfurt. It says that the residents were asked to maintain the path and, where necessary, repair it. Dendrochronological dating of pine planks recovered during the current excavations revealed that they were felled in 1773.

In 1790, the people of Fürth were treated to a very special spectacle: on September 27th, a procession with noble carriages and horses paraded through Burgfarrnbach to ceremoniously accompany the valuable imperial jewels such as the imperial crown and the Holy Lance – the treasure of the German emperors and kings. By this time at the latest, the wooden plank path must have been expanded into a paved road following the Berlin model.

With every plank uncovered, fascinating relics emerge, offering an insight into everyday life in past centuries. Buttons, horseshoes and even a silver coin from the early modern period have already been discovered. While experts continue to work on recovering a particularly well-preserved part of the path and preserving it for research and presentation purposes, the exposure of the boardwalk will add an important chapter to the history of Middle Franconia.

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