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Ceres-1 Sea Launch Vehicle Successfully Sends Four Satellites into Orbit

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“One Arrow and Four Stars” Successfully Launched: Ceres-1 Sea Launch Vehicle a Resounding Success

Haiyang, Shandong – In a momentous achievement for China’s space program, the Ceres-1 sea-launching carrier rocket successfully launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 17:34 on September 5th. The rocket, along with its payload of four satellites from the Apocalypse constellation, was launched into the predetermined orbit in nearby waters. This launch marks the ninth flight of the Ceres 1 launch vehicle and was deemed a complete success.

The mission, executed with precision and meticulous planning, propelled the four satellites (ranging from 21 to 24) into space, taking another step towards expanding China’s presence in the realm of satellite technology. This accomplishment is a testament to China’s growing capabilities in the field of space exploration and serves to strengthen its position as a key player in the industry.

The Ceres-1, developed by the Galaxy Power Aerospace, has shown remarkable reliability and efficiency. Its ability to launch from a sea platform opens up new possibilities for satellite deployment and enhances China’s ability to adapt to different launch conditions.

The launch was conducted in the picturesque coastal city of Haiyang, where the vibrant blue waters provided a stunning backdrop for the historic event. The successful mission is a result of the collaborative efforts between the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center and Galaxy Power Aerospace, showcasing China’s commitment to technological advancements and innovation.

As the world continues to witness China’s rapid progress in space exploration, the successful launch of the Ceres-1 sea launch vehicle, carrying the Apocalypse constellation satellites, serves as a testament to China’s dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving ambitious goals in the realm of space technology.

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With each successful mission, China solidifies its position as a key player in the global space industry. The achievements made by the Ceres-1 sea launch vehicle highlight China’s determination to explore new horizons and contribute to the development of the international aerospace community.

As the nation’s space program embarks on new ventures and seeks to unveil further breakthroughs, the successful launch of the Ceres-1 sea-launching carrier rocket serves as a reminder of China’s unwavering commitment to technological progress and space exploration.

[Responsible editor: Zhang Qiaosu]

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