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Certification of equality, requests for accreditation ran

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Certification of equality, requests for accreditation ran

For eight out of ten Italian companies, inclusion and gender equality are a high or very high “strategic priority”. The data emerges from a survey that Gidp (Association of human resources directors) carried out among one hundred member companies to test the degree of knowledge and awareness of the values ​​of diversity and inclusion. It is a figure that traces the context in which the diffusion of equality certification is inserted.

Let’s take a step back: with the decree of 29 April 2022, published in the Official Gazette last 1 July, the certification of equality, included in the Pnrr, within Mission 5 (cohesion and inclusion, employment policies), is became operational. Clarified that only the certificates of compliance with the UNI/PdR 125:2022 reference practice on gender equality issued under accreditation, which bear the UNI brand and the logo of the accreditation body (for Italy it is Accredia), together with the name of the accredited body, are they valid, where is the process then? The numbers photograph a machine that goes at full speed: there are 18 accredited certification Bodies, around twenty those who have applied. These are accredited bodies, to issue certificates on gender equality, by Accredia, which verifies the competence and impartiality requirements, checking their maintenance over time.

171 certified companies

On the business front, there are 171 companies certified by these bodies (ranging from automotive companies such as Lamborghini, to shipbuilding with Fincantieri, to publishing with the 24 Ore Group, the first company in the sector to have received this certification). A number that has almost doubled compared to 92 at the beginning of December. “And to these data – explains Filippo Trifiletti, general manager of Accredia – we must add those of the entities and companies that are not yet certified, but whose application is being examined”.

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The advantages

The certification allows access to tax relief and benefits in the field of procurement. The transition also marks the start of a transformation that aims to be wholly cultural and structural, also because the audit is repeated every year. «Many realities have understood that the effort for certification is largely repaid and not only by the reliefs», adds Trifiletti. “There is certainly great attention – underlines Marina Verderajme, national president of GIDP – even if, in many cases, the tools are still lacking”. 47% of companies responding to the survey declare that gender equality issues are relevant in their D&I culture, Gidp records, but for 30% these issues exist, but are not yet relevant. Similarly, if 39% of companies have introduced measures to reduce gender inequality in a fairly significant way, there is 40% that either have not implemented measures relating to gender inequality or have introduced measures of little importance .

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