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Cervinia changes its name to Le Breuil and protests erupt

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Cervinia changes its name to Le Breuil and protests erupt

The decision became effective after a series of searches for ancient toponyms with which the locality was called. But the dissent is notable

29-11-2023 – 22:07

On the snows of the Matterhorn (Ansa)

Cervinia changes name and it is now called Le Breuil. It is the result of research started in 2011 by the Municipality of Valtournenche to arrive at the official determination of the toponyms of the small Aosta Valley town. A technical commission began to sift through the archives, finding the ancient names of villages, hamlets and localities in the area. Thus the Breuil basin where Cervinia is located, a tourist resort known throughout the world, regained its ancient name and became Le Breuil. The signage will now have to change, but the residents’ documents will also have to be modified. The Valtournenche City Council approved the new names, in its decision-making autonomy provided for by law, last April.

Who doesn’t fit

“Clear dissent” comes from Fratelli d’Italia: “We express deep amazement and dismay since the Cervinia brand is known in Italy and around the world and such a drastic change, clearly the result of an ideology out of time, space and place, can only harm the hotel tourism sector and the image of the entire Aosta Valley” In any case, the provision has already arrived on the table of the regional council which, last September, took note of the changes and a few days later the president Renzo Testolin signed the decree. But the current mayor of Valtournenche, Elisa Ciccoelected last May when the measure had already passed in the City Council, is not in favor of it: “Tomorrow we will meet the President of the Region. The objective is to find a solution together with the regional administration. We want to address the problem and understand what we can do. We will ask to be able to rectify the name and keep the name Cervinia. The change was made for a question of toponymy and that’s it.” He adds: “We need to understand how we can move from a legal point of view, what steps we can take. We are aware of the situation and are working to resolve the problem.”

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What led to the decision?

The procedures for the attribution of the official names of the villages, hamlets and localities of the Aosta Valley municipalities are defined by a regional law of 1976. President Testolin specifies: “The discussion regarding the definitive name of the Le Breuil locality was the subject of controversy with various indications expressed over time by the Municipality until reaching the final decision last January, when the then mayor expressed his consent to the name of the locality Le Breuil without the wording Cervinia. This name, together with that of all the other toponyms of the municipality, was then adopted by the Valtournenche municipal council in April 2023″

29-11-2023 – 22:07

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