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Cesar ‘cracked’ in competitiveness: how to improve?

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Cesar ‘cracked’ in competitiveness: how to improve?


Ana Fernanda Maiguashcapresident of the Private Competitiveness Council of the Universidad del Rosario, was in Valledupar this Thursday analyzing economic indicators of Cesar.

The economist assured that increasing the competitiveness of the department not only depends on the investments and efforts of the public sector, but also on the private and of the citizen actions to improve the quality of life.

“There is a need for resources, yes, but we don’t necessarily have to sit and wait for them to come from the national government,” and continued: “There is a business community that can also work so that there is investment, and the universities must worry about what is happening with education”.


“A third party will not come to generate the development of the region”, expressed the Valle del Cauca from the Valledupar Chamber of Commerce for the Cesar River Valley. “Caesar occupies the rank 22 between 32 departments and Bogotá, unfortunately they had a drop from 19th place in 2021 ”, Maiguashca added.


Competitiveness is, according to the aforementioned Council, all the forces that come together in an economy and that determine its productivity, which has an impact on the wellness level of its inhabitants in the long term.

One of those forces is the academy and the relevance with which universities educate the young for the labor market. “It is up to all of us to understand what is happening in the basic and half education”.

The Valle del Cauca affirmed that in primary school, the educational institutions “They manage to reach all the boys and girls”, but in the upper grades coverage is decreasing.

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Jose Luis Uronpresident of the Chamber, stated that “Cesar cannot be so bad because he has grown up in the academy and the national government has made billion dollar investments in the territory”.

Socialization of the competitiveness indicators of the department of Cesar. / PHOTO: JOAQUÍN RAMÍREZ.

The socialization of competitiveness indicators of the department was developed this Thursday morning, while in the afternoon a technical table was held on the matter.

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