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Cgil at a congress in Treviso, today it represents 80,000 members

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Cgil at a congress in Treviso, today it represents 80,000 members

A trade union organization that has nearly 80,000 members and which in recent years has recorded a growing trend among the active members, i.e. male and female workers, today at 37,240: solid, widespread with 18 offices in the area and present in 5,707 production realities, and before in the Services side with the Caaf which in the current year has already reached 112,512 files and 56,813 from the Inca Patronage. This is the CGIL of the Marca Trevigiana which is launching the twelve category congresses on Tuesday 6 December and in the month of January the new general assembly will take place and the management bodies will be renewed for what is now the 7th Congress of the Provincial Confederation.

A process that started last October and concluded in recent days with 548 grassroots assemblies, in the workplace and at a territorial level, which saw 250 delegates elected and registered 92% of votes in favor of the “Congress Document One ”, expression of the majority that in recent years has led the Union at a national level.

There are 79,281 members of the red square in Treviso, 59% men among the 37,240 registered workers, while 54% women among the retired ranks, who have a total of 42,041 union members. A cross-section of Treviso-based society with 87% Italian citizenship, 96% of European origin and the remainder from outside the continent, which is distributed throughout the territory of the province: 31,189 registered in the capital, its hinterland and the southern area, 12,254 in the Conegliano area, 11,250 in the Castellana area, 9,447 in the Montebelluna area, 7,049 in the Vittoria area, 6,598 in the Opitergino area, and another 1,494 beyond the borders of the Marca.

Of the 37,240 active members, 19% are in the under 35 age group, 56% are between 36 and 55 and 25% are over 55. While 67% of the 42,041 retirees are in the between 65 and 84 years old.

Among the categories of workers, each with over 7 thousand members, Fiom and Filcams, for the metalworkers and the tertiary sector, are competing for first place in terms of number of members, a clear sign of the composition of the Treviso productive fabric. As a mirror is the diversity of gender, for the first 78% are men, for the second 71% are women. Then the category of workers in the construction sectors, the Fillea, with its 5,476 members. Followed by: Filctem, for the textile and chemical sectors, with 3,388, Flai, for agriculture and the agri-food industry, with 3,222, and again the world of Public Administration with 3,160 and schools, Flc, with 1,551, for transport , Filt, of the credit and insurance system, Fisca, and of the paper and communications manufacturing segment, Slc; all over a thousand memberships and all that between 6 and 19 December will gather the new delegates elected in the assemblies in the workplace in order to renew the category leaders. This congress phase will be closed by the SPI on 22 December.

Alongside the collective and individual protection action exercised by the Union, the CGIL world is composite and includes, in terms of the services offered to workers, pensioners, citizens and migrants, in addition to the Caaf and the Inca Patronage, also the Legal Disputes Office , which in the last four years has totaled a total of 5,386 between individual files and insolvency proceedings, the Sunny with an average of 700 practices per year, Federconsumatori with over 600 online scams, utilities and travel. The Auser, on the other hand, with its 63 clubs in the area, sets in motion over 350 volunteers and 63 vehicles for social transport.

Since the last congress, in 2018, the Treviso CGIL has not only been a bulwark and safeguard of social cohesion and equality, it has launched new paths such as that of sustainability, with concrete choices and actions in its local offices and on the bargaining front, it is a striking example is the green platform launched by Fiombut also from a cultural point of view by strengthening the collaboration with Istresco in generating a cultural heritage, made up of archival documents and non-fiction publications, and inaugurating one of its libraries in via Dandolo in Treviso and celebrating with a whole year of initiatives the 110th anniversary of the Chamber of Labour.

Difficult years due to the health emergency first and the current economic situation dictated by the energy and international crisis afterwards, heralding great uncertainties for the labor market. Phases experienced in the first place by the Union, from the contribution to the management of the production and employment system in the toughest months of the pandemic up to the tenacity with which the company bargaining was carried out which leads to the signing of an average of 250 minutes per year, to reduce precariousness and in order to improve working, living and gender equality conditions, and the economic conditions of male and female workers, also in response to the progressive loss of the purchasing power of wages.

Just as the impetus for a close fight against tax evasion and for social equity that the CGIL asks of politics and local administrators has never failed, at various levels from the Municipalities to the ULSS up to the public utilities, with which over a hundred agreements are signed annually. The other big and serious issue on which the Treviso CGIL has spent a lot of effort in recent years is that of health and safety in the workplace, through public appeals, protocols, demonstrations and references to the productive world and local institutions to carry out a serious prevention and control action so that accidents and deaths at work do not continue to bloody work.

“The growing consolidation in numerical terms and the rooting throughout the province as a capillary presence, in the productive realities, in the dialogue with the local institutions carried out together with the pensioners’ union, and on the side of the offer of quality services to citizens have allowed us in these four years to better manage complex phases and situations such as the health emergency, without interruption in union action – he specified Mauro Visentingeneral secretary of the CGIL – and allow us today to photograph a horizon of “Trevigian” needs which, if on the one hand tells us that we are undertaking the right negotiating paths at the local level, on the other makes us understand how much there is a lack of answers at the national level for tackle major civil, social and economic issues, from wages to pensions, from the fight against precariousness to gender equality, from tax equality to the promotion of legality.

Responses contained in the unitary platforms presented in recent years to the various governments. For this reason – comments Mauro Visentin -, even in this phase of exercising union democracy, the organization does not shirk its commitment in defense of work and rights and has proclaimed a four-hour general strike for Wednesday 14 December as a sign of protest”.

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