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CGIL, today’s demonstration in Rome. Landini: “In the streets to defend democracy”

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“In the streets to defend democracy, to say that there is a need to make real reforms, to plan a future that applies the fundamental principles of our Constitution”. With these words Maurizio Landini he gave way to the demonstration of the trade unions and of the center-left political forces, which took to the streets today in Rome with the slogan “Never more fascisms”. “The attack on the trade union, on the CGIL, is an attack on the dignity of the whole country. We are here to defend and extend democracy in our country and in Europe”, adds the general secretary of the CGIL. In the square with him Susanna Camusso, the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti and shortly after the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.

“No more fascisms”: in Rome the demonstration of the CGIL – live coverage

A partisan demonstration? “No, this is a demonstration that defends everyone’s democracy. This is the theme”. Landini reiterates, responding to the words of the League secretary, Matteo Salvini. “The attack on the CGIL, the attack on the trade union is in reality an attack on the dignity of work of the whole country. And we are here not to defend someone but to defend democracy and to extend it”.


After going down via Merulana and then viale Manzoni and via Emanuele Filiberto, the procession, opened by the “Sector sonero” a Colombian dance group, arrived in piazza San Giovanni at 1.30pm. In front of everyone, cordoned, the order service made up of Fiom workers.

There are also many Roman dem. The regional councilors Alessio D’Amato (Health) e Paolo Orneli (Commerce), the parent companies in the Lazio Region Marta Bonafoni (civica Zingaretti) e Marta Leonori (Pd).

The new municipal councilors elected with over 7 thousand preferences each Maurizio Veloccia and Sabrina Alfonsi, the candidate dem al muncipio I Lorenza Bonaccorsi, the vice president of the municipality VIII Leslie Capone. “It is a beautiful square inspired by constitutional principles and which looks to the future of the country and of Rome”.

Old fighting slogans rise from the belly of the procession. “Now it is always resistance” and again “Fascists carrion” and then Bella Ciao who have enveloped the palaces of the Esquiline.

“We with the fascists finished talking on April 25, 1945” states that the large banner displayed in the center of the CGIL procession which started at 12.30 from Piazza dell’Esquilino towards San Giovanni.

The notes of Francesco De Gregori, broadcast by the loudspeakers, resound from this morning in Piazza San Giovanni, guarded from above by the police helicopter from the morning. The square convened by the CGIL to respond to last Saturday’s neo-fascist attack begins to fill up.

With hundreds of people already crowded under the stage, while delegations from all over Italy are reaching the headquarters of the CGIL of Rome and Lazio in via Buonarroti, Esquilino, from where a procession will start that will reach San Giovanni. Over 50 thousand people are expected in the square. The accesses are supervised by the union order service. Police and carabinieri monitor the entire quadrant in a capillary manner to block any possible No Pass intrusion.

In the morning, a dozen skeptics of the vaccination certificate wandered around Palazzo Chigi: too few to worry the police. And at 6 pm Lazio-Inter is scheduled for the Olimpico with the gates open from 3.30 pm.


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