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Chamber, seven positive deputies to Covid-19. Fico: “The situation is under control”

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Seven deputies tested positive at Covid-19. And the Chamber has faced the fear of a return to the recent past. In Montecitorio, normality had taken a symbolic but significant step a couple of weeks ago, with the reopening of the ocean liner, closed with the health emergency to make room for the classroom benches and guarantee the distancing of parliamentarians.

The Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, however, reassured: “There is constant monitoring – he said – and the situation is under control”. Meanwhile, a group of parliamentarians has presented two appeals – one to the Constitutional Court and one to the Chamber – against the Green Pass in Montecitorio: “We have always said that it is an irrational measure – said Raffaele Trano, deputy of Alternative there – To have the whole Parliament vaccinated does not mean being immune ».

The No Vax Cunial readmitted to the Chamber but only from the stands: “Ladies and gentlemen, I forgive you”. And then they turn off the audio

The news of the seven infected arrived on the day when the deputy no vax Sara Cunial (elected with the M5s and now in the mixed group) returned to the Chamber. In fact, despite not having the Green Pass, he can (momentarily) participate in the works, but only from the grandstand. “I forgive you even if you are discriminating against me as never has happened to anyone in this Chamber,” he said before the microphone went off.

The fact that there are seven cases and all at the same time has created a bit of apprehension, so much so that the deputy of FdI, Wanda Ferro, has asked for an “assessment of the situation”. In any case, the cases would have been found last week: when the work actually resumed after the weekend, the “positive” deputies would not have returned to Montecitorio.

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