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Change is not possible in 4 years

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Change is not possible in 4 years

Vice President Francia Márquez represented Colombia at the Latin American and Caribbean Day of Integration of Peoples, held in Foz de Iguazú (Brazil).

Márquez gave a speech in which he presented the panorama of the situation of progressivism in Latin America. In addition to this, he assured that both she and President Petro “have their hearts in the right place.” However, she made the reservation that it is possible that when her term ends, the change they expect will not have been achieved.

“This change cannot be achieved in just four years. There were 500 years of sowing a policy of death in our country and uprooting that policy. Perhaps, it will take us more time and it will be the task that the next generations will have to continue,” Francia emphasized.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the speech, Márquez gave his vision on the unity of progressivism on the continent.

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“Leaving Latin American and Caribbean unity only in the hands of the governments in power is condemning ourselves to the fact that every time someone new arrives, they will dismantle our processes and improvise new ones. While governments come and go with attempts at integration, Latin America and the Caribbean move along lasting routes and connections that the people themselves have established.”

In that sense, he questioned the way in which some progressive movements are carrying out integration processes. “We propose that Latin American and Caribbean progressivism be nourished by the traditional knowledge and thoughts of the popular, anti-patriarchal, anti-racist, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist sectors,” he said.

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So, in Márquez’s opinion, several progressive movements are letting machismo, racism and others pass.

“If Latin America does not assume a true agenda against structural racism, we cannot continue talking about regional integration. And if Latin America and the Caribbean do not take on a real fight to eradicate the patriarchy that is violating women and that kills us every day, let’s not continue talking about regional integration,” she concluded.

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