Home News Changsha has a strong reading atmosphere during the Spring Festival holiday, and major libraries and physical bookstores remain open- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

Changsha has a strong reading atmosphere during the Spring Festival holiday, and major libraries and physical bookstores remain open- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

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Changsha has a strong reading atmosphere during the Spring Festival holiday, and major libraries and physical bookstores remain open- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

Changsha has a strong reading atmosphere during the Spring Festival holiday, and major libraries and physical bookstores remain open

Celebrate the new year with the fragrance of books (Chinese New Year walks to the grassroots)

The Changsha Library remains open during the Spring Festival holiday, and the lively festive atmosphere is especially popular with children.Photo by Changsha Evening News all-media reporter Dong Yang

Changsha Evening News, January 25th (all-media reporter Yin Wei and Huang Neng) The sound of firecrackers bid farewell to the old year, and the fragrance of books sent warmth into Changsha. During the Spring Festival holiday, Changsha has a strong reading atmosphere. Major libraries and physical bookstores remain open. Many citizens use their spare time to “charge” their studies, buy books as New Year gifts, or participate in festival activities prepared by cultural venues… Changsha’s strong Scholarly accompanies everyone to spend an unforgettable Spring Festival.

Taste “Twelve New Years” in the library

The warmth of books welcomes the new year, and Hunan culture enters thousands of homes. Walking into the Changsha Library located in the Binjiang Cultural Park, you will be greeted by a lively and festive atmosphere.

Look, there are many prosperous paper lanterns hanging in the hall on the first floor. Lantern riddles are written on the four sides of the lanterns. If you guess correctly, there will be rewards, but the difficulty is really not small. Many people looked up for a long time and could only let out a long sigh: ” Can’t guess any of them!” The reporter turned around and saw a line that said “three people form a group, type one character”, and quickly woke everyone up: “This is simple, everyone!”

Guessing lantern riddles is one of the series of activities of Changsha Library’s “Scholarly Changsha Twelve Years”, which is a brand activity that Changtu has persisted in for many years. For the lantern riddles alone, 30,000 long pictures have been prepared this year, and they are arranged in more than 100 main and branch libraries, so that citizens can participate nearby. Even if you can’t come to the scene in person, you can also enter the “Read the World Encounter the Beauty of the Library” applet to answer questions online.

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Wang Ziyang, director of the Changsha Library, told reporters that from the city to the countryside, going to the library to bring home the “New Year” has become a new custom for Changsha people during the New Year. The main branch of Changsha Library provides spiritual and cultural food for readers in the city with “quality resources, quality activities, and quality services”, and accompany citizens and friends to spend a Spring Festival full of the aroma of books and Changsha.

Walking into the Hunan Library in Yuanjialing, the reporter found that the popularity of this place has not diminished, especially the iconic self-study room is even more popular. Many young people do not relax during holidays and insist on studying. Ms. Zhang, who is about to apply for a doctorate, is one of them. She told the reporter: “The library has a more learning atmosphere, and it is not easy to be distracted. I go to the library when the school is on holiday. The quiet learning environment here can make me more focused.” In addition, in order to facilitate the travel of readers, the Hunan Library provides free parking services during the holidays (as of January 27). Ding Ling, a citizen, praised: “I am warmed by this wave of operations!”

“This Spring Festival, we have opened themed book fairs in some reading rooms, and online there are activities for listening to books, online storytelling with pictures of Hunan and Xiangxiang, and activities for reading in the online study room and free shipping.” Wang Xinhan, head of publicity at Hunan Library Send an invitation to the general public, “Welcome readers to come to enjoy the fragrance of books, learn knowledge, and welcome the new year.”

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Walk into the bookstore to have a “scholarly year”

On January 24 (the third day of the first lunar month), in the Li Bookstore located in Joy City, citizen Hou Min took his children to the children’s book area to read picture books. Hou Min told the reporter that there are many ways to celebrate the new year, and the family has planned it early. They will come to the bookstore to read books in the third grade of junior high school, and have a “scholarly year”.

On January 25th (the fourth day of the first lunar month), the weather was fine, and Juzizhou was crowded with people. A large number of citizens and tourists came here for sightseeing, and the Lezhi Bookstore Juzizhou store on the island was also full of people. “Unexpectedly, there is also a bookstore on Juzizhou. The decoration is very beautiful and unique.” Mr. Zheng, a tourist from Hainan, was quickly “fanned” after entering the bookstore. The staff of the bookstore told reporters that the bookstore has a lot of customers in recent days, and cultural and creative products such as bookmarks, key chains, and refrigerator magnets are very popular among customers.

In order to promote the reading of all people and help the construction of “Book Fragrant Hunan”, Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group set up the main venue in Hunan Book City and Yuanjialing Branch of Xinhua Bookstore from the first day of the first month (January 22) to the fifteenth day of the first month (February 5th). The New Year Lantern Festival of “Thousands of Lanterns to Read Together, Xiaoyao Book Fair” was held. Just as the theme of the event is “Xiangshu Literary Fragrance-Reading Good Books in the New Year”, Changsha Xinhua Bookstore has increased the discounts for buying books in the Spring Festival, and at the same time distributed various New Year gifts and book coupons online and offline to benefit the people with real cultural measures. Advocate citizens to welcome the New Year with the fragrance of books. A large number of Changsha citizens were attracted by the atmosphere of the venue and entered the bookstore to start their first reading of the new year. During the event, citizens can not only read and buy a wide variety of books, but also participate in experience activities such as guessing lantern riddles and making wishes in the New Year. After completing relevant tasks, they can also participate in the lucky draw and receive gifts such as mobile phones and cultural and creative products.

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The person in charge of Changsha Desiqin 24-hour Bookstore told reporters that judging from the situation in recent years, the Spring Festival is the peak period of bookstore passenger flow, and many citizens will choose to come to the bookstore with their families. People pay more and more attention to books and knowledge, and pay special attention to cultivating children’s reading habits from an early age.

Source: Changsha Evening News

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